Slavery in Hinduism


There were no slaves in the Hindu world like the equivalent of it in the western world

The above statement is true.But we do have the concept of "dasa/dasi" or servants or (some translate it as) slaves.But they are not the same as say sex slaves or war slaves."Servant" is the more proper word here not "slave".

The dasa or dasis are there to help the householder in his daily duties/chores.In return they get shelter,wages,fooding etc.

Few references of slaves/servants/dasa/bhritya from Scriptures are given below:

8.363. Yet he who secretly converses with such women, or with female slaves kept by one (master), and with female ascetics, shall be compelled to pay a small fine.(Manu smriti)

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4.180. With his father and his mother, with female relatives, with a brother, with his son and his wife, with his daughter and with his slaves, let him not have quarrels.(Manu smriti)

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The following verse also shows that the dasas(servants/slaves) are to be treated with due respect:

3.116. After the Brahmanas, the kinsmen, and the servants have dined, the householder and his wife may afterwards eat what remains.(Manu Smriti).

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I have found further references in Parashara Smriti as well.

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