Resurrection stories in Hindu scriptures?


There is One intersting story in Valmiki Ramayna (Yuddha Kanda - Book Of War) about Resurrection of the Monkeys by Lord Indra , who were killed in the battle between Shree Rama and Ravana.

समुत्तिष्ठन्तु ते सर्वे हता ये युधि राक्षसैः | ऋक्षाश्च सह गोपुच्छैर्निकृत्ताननबाहवः || ६-१२०-१३

  1. te sarve = (Let) all those monkeys; R^ikShaashcha = and bears; gopuchchhaiH = along with long-tailed monkeys;ye hataaH = who have been killed; yudhi = in battle;raakShasaiH = by the demons; nikR^ittanana baahavaH = and whose heads and arms have been severed;samuttiShThantu = be active again.

"Let all those monkeys and bears along with long-tailed monkeys, who have been killed in battle, by the demons and whose heads and arms have been severed, be alive and active again."

मत्प्रियेष्वभिरक्ताश्च न मृत्युं गणयन्ति ये | त्वत्प्रसादात्समेयुस्ते वरमेतमहं वृणे || ६-१२०-८

  1. te = those monkeys; ye = who; na gaNayanti = did not take into account; mR^ityum = their death; abhiraktaaH matpriyeShu = and who were fond of doing favour to me; te sameyuH = let them get reunited; (with their near and dear ones); tvatprasaadaat = by your grace; aham = I; vR^iNe = seek; etam = this varam = boon (of you).

"Those mokeys - who coutned death as nothing and who were fond of doing favour to me - let them get re-united with their near and dear ones by your grace. I seek this boon of you.

The story in brief is -

When Indra the lord of celestials asks Rama for a boon, Rama requested Indra to bring back to life, all the monkeys who had lost their life in the battle. Indra grants the boon and all the dead monkeys are restored to life. The celestials disperse and the whole army of monkeys enjoy their well-earned rest.

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