What is “Agnihotra”?


Agnihotra is a process that uses healing fire to purify the surroundings. The fire is prepared through a specific process, which is performed twice a day – during the sunrise and the sunset. In other words, Agnihotra is a ‘vedic yagna’ or a ritual that is mentioned in the Vedas, which is followed by the class of “Nambudiri Brahmins” of Kerala in India. There has been a worldwide increase in awareness about the innumerable effects of Agnihotra homam in the recent past.

The procedure of Agnihotra incorporates preparation with Agnihotra kit a small fire using cakes of cow dung in a tiny copper pyramid of specific shape and size into which ghee and grains of rice are added during the sunrise and the sunset. The significant part of the whole process is the two mantras that are chanted while adding the ghee and rice grains to the special fire, which is what is supposed to enhance the power of the process. The entire process is said to release tremendous energy in the surroundings.

Working of Agnihotra

  • The copper and its pyramid shape generate negative ions, which clear the air of various hazardous particles.
  • Since cow dung is a natural and potential disinfectant, it reduces bacteria in the air and surroundings.
  • Pure ghee is a natural detox agent. Since ghee does not alter in weight or properties when burnt under appropriate conditions, it
    dissolves the toxic contents in the air.
  • Rice offers a balance of ying-yang effect and releases several ethereal oils during combustion, thereby setting off chemical
  • The chanting of the Agnihotra mantra in Sanskrit during the sunrise and the sunset creates resonance in line with the biorhythm and
    activates special vibrations. According to Vedas, mantras have
    potential effect on every aspect of human life and surroundings.
    There are specific mantras that can act upon specific aspects of
    human life.
  • Finally, the smoke from the homa binds harmful radiations in the air and neutralizes their radioactive effect.

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Agnihotra Process Step by Step

  • Copper Pyramid – small size
  • Dried cow dung
  • Clarified and unsalted pure ghee from cow’s butter
  • Unpolished rice – 2 pinches
  • Timetable with exact time of the sunrise the and sunset


  • Ignite the fire at the appropriate time (5 minutes before the sunrise/sunset).
  • Take a few grains of unpolished rice in your left hand and apply a few drops of pure ghee to the rice and mix well.
  • Divide the smeared rice into two portions.

Morning Agnihotra

At the exact time of sunrise, chant the morning mantra as follows:

       Sooryaya Swaaha Suryaya Idan Na mama |

       Prajapataye Swaaha Prajapataye Idan Na mama |

Immediately after you utter swaaha in the first mantra, take one portion of the rice (one pinch) and offer it to the fire. Similarly, after you utter swaaha in the second mantra, offer the remaining rice to the fire.

Evening Agnihotra

At the exact time of sunset, chant the mantra as follows:

       Agnaye Swaaha Agnaye Idam Na mama|

       Prajapataye Swaaha Prajapataye Na mama|

Similar to the morning process, immediately on uttering swaaha both times, offer the two portions of rice mixture respectively to the fire.


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