Are curses(saapa) effective in Kali Yuga?


As per the Parashara Smriti, curses(saapa) are effective in Kali Yuga as well very much like the previous 3 Yugas.Only difference being in the time after which the curses take effect.

For example,In Krita curses effect immediately,in Treta after 10 days,in Dwapara after a month whereas in Kali it takes 1 year for the curse to take effect.

The exact Sloka which answers our query is Chapter 1,Sloka 27:

Krite Tatkaalikah saapah Tretaayaam Dasamirdinaih|| Dwapare Chaikamasena Kallou Sambatsarenatu||

A curse in Krita takes effect immediately,in Treta it does so in 10 days time,in Dwapara after 1 month and in Kali it takes effect after 1 year.

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