Shakti Maharishi was son of Vaśiṣṭha and Arundhati.

He was the father of Parāśara mentioned in the Mahabharata. There is a famous story found in Mahabharata about Shakti Muni.

Once King Kalmashapada, going hunting, kills many animals. Tiring and being hungry and thirsty, he proceeded through the woods. On the way, Rishi Shakti Maharishi came on the same path, from the opposite direction. The King ordered him to get out of his way.

The Rishi addressed the King sweetly and said “O king this is my way”. In accordance with duty and tradition, a king should always make way for Brahmins.

The king persisted in acting like a Rakshasa (demon). The Rishi cursed the king thus: “O worst of the worst kings, since thou persecutest an ascetic, like a Rakshasa, thou shalt from this day, became a Rakshasa subsisting on human flesh! Henceforth, O worst of kings! thou shalt wander over the earth, affecting human form!”. He was the grandfather of Vyasa, author of the Indian epic Mahabharata.