Kapila (Sanskrit: कपिल) Rishi (sage) was the 10th child of sage Kardam and Devbhuti. As per Vedas, Kardam was provided a boon by Lord Narayan that he would himself be born as his son, attaining which Kardam had decided to leave for the forest for penance and research on vedic studies. Kardam had 9 daughters who were very learned and went ahead to marry great sages. Kapila was then born into great knowledge and wisdom.

When he came of age, he was most well known as the founder of the Samkhya school of Hindu philosophy. Kapila of Samkhya fame is considered a Vedic sage, estimated to have lived in the 6th-century BCE, or the 7th-century BCE. His influence on Buddha and Buddhism have long been the subject of scholarly studies.

Many historic personalities in Hinduism and Jainism, mythical figures, pilgrimage sites in Indian religion, as well as an ancient variety of cow go by the name Kapila.