अहं क्रतुरहं यज्ञः स्वधाहमहमौषधम् |
मन्त्रोऽहमहमेवाज्यमहमग्निरहं हुतम् ||९-१६||


ahaṃ kraturahaṃ yajñaḥ svadhāhamahamauṣadham .
mantro.ahamahamevājyamahamagnirahaṃ hutam ||9-16||



9.16. I am determination; I am sacrifice; I am Svadha; I am the juice of the herb; I am the (Vedic) hymn; I am alone the clarified butter also; I am the [sacrificial] fire; (and) I am the act of offering.

Shri Purohit Swami

9.16 I am the Oblation, the Sacrifice and the Worship; I am the Fuel and the Chant, I am the Butter offered to the fire, I am the Fire itself, and I am the Act of offering.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

9.16 See Comment under 9.19

Sri Ramanuja

9.16 I am the Kratu, namely, I am Jyotistoma and other Vedic sacrifices. I alone am the Great Sacrifice (the fivefold sacrifices). I am the Svadha, the libation offered to nourish the hosts of manes. I am the herb, namely, oblation. I am the Mantra. I alone am the clarified butter. This implies other illustrations also. I alone am the oblation of Soma etc. Such is the meaning. I am the fire such as Ahavaniya etc. I am the act of offering into fire.

Sri Shankaracharya

9.16 Aham, I; am the kratuh, a kind of Vedic sacrifice; I Myself am the yajnah, sacrifice as prescribed by the Smrtis; further, I am svadha, the food that is offered to the manes; I am ausadham-by which word is meant the food that is eaten by all creatures. Or, svadha means food in general of all creatures, and ausadha means medicine for curing diseases. I am the mantra with which offering is made to manes and gods. I Myself am the ajyam, oblations; and I am agnih, the fire-I Myself am the fire into which the oblation is poured. And I am the hutam, act of offering. Besides,

Swami Adidevananda

9.16 I am the Kratu. I am the sacrifice. I am the offering to the manes. I am the herb. I am the Mantra. I am Myself the clarified butter. I am the fire. I am the oblation.

Swami Gambirananda

9.16 I am the kratu, I am the yajna, I am the svadha, I am the ausadha, I am the mantra, I Myself am the ajya, I am the fire, and I am the act of offering.

Swami Sivananda

9.16 I am the Kratu; I am the Yajna; I am the offering (food) to the manes; I am the medicinal herbs and all the plants; I am the Mantra; I am also the Ghee or the melted butter; I am the fire; I am the oblation.


Swami Sivananda

9.16 अहम् I? क्रतुः sacrifice? अहम् I? यज्ञः the sacrifice? स्वधा the offering to Pitris or ancestors? अहम् I? अहम् I? औषधम् the medicinal herbs and all plants? मन्त्रः sacred syllable? अहम् I? अहम् I? एव also? आज्यम् ghee or clarified butter? अहम् I? अग्निः the fire? अहम् I? हुतम् the offering.Commentary Kratu is a kind of Vedic sacrifice.Yajna is the worship enjoined in the Smriti or the holy books laying down lay and the code of conduct.I am the Mantra? the chant with which the oblation is offered to the manes or ancestors? and the shining ones (the Devatas or gods).Hutam also means the act of offering.Aushadham All plants including rice and barley or medicine that can cure diseases. (Cf.IV.24)