महात्मानस्तु मां पार्थ दैवीं प्रकृतिमाश्रिताः |
भजन्त्यनन्यमनसो ज्ञात्वा भूतादिमव्ययम् ||९-१३||


mahātmānastu māṃ pārtha daivīṃ prakṛtimāśritāḥ .
bhajantyananyamanaso jñātvā bhūtādimavyayam ||9-13||



9.13. O son of Prtha ! The great-souledmen, however, taking hold of the divine nature and having nothing else in their mind, adore Me by viewing Me as the imperishable prime cuase of beings.

Shri Purohit Swami

9.13 But the Great Souls, O Arjuna! Filled with My Divine Spirit, they worship Me, they fix their minds on Me and on Me alone, for they know that I am the imperishable Source of being.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

9.13 See Comment under 9.15

Sri Ramanuja

9.13 Those who, through their multitude of good acts, have taken refuge in Me and have been thery released from the bondage of evil - they understand My divine nature. They are high-souled. Knowing Me to be the immutable source of all beings, namely, as the Lord whose name, acts and nature are beyond thought and speech, and who has descended in a human form out of supreme compassion to rescue the good, - they worship Me with un unswerving mind. As I am extremely dear to them, without worshipping Me they are unable to find support for their mind, self and external organs. Thus they become devoted to Me as their sole object.

Sri Shankaracharya

9.13 On the other hand, O son of Prtha, those mahat-manah, noble ones-who are not small-mined, who are imbued with faith, and who have set out on the path of Liberation, which is characerized by devotion to God; being asritah, possessed of; daivim, divine; prakrtim, nature-distinguished by mental and physical control, kindness, faith, etc.; tu, surely; bhajante, adore; mam, Me, God; ananya-manasah, with single-mindedness; jnatva, knowing Me; as the avyayam, immutable; bhutadim, source of all objects, of space etc. (i.e. th five elements) as well as of living beings. How?

Swami Adidevananda

9.13 But the great-souled ones, O Arjuna, who are associated with My divine nature, worship Me with unwavering mind, knowing Me to be the immutable source of beings.

Swami Gambirananda

9.13 O son of Prtha, the noble ones, being possessed of divine nature, surely adore Me with single-mindedness, knowing Me as the immutable source of all objects.

Swami Sivananda

9.13 But the great souls, O Arjuna, partaking of My divine nature, worship Me with a single mind (with the mind devoted to nothing else), knowing Me as the imperishable source of beings.


Swami Sivananda

9.13 महात्मानः great souls? तु but? माम् Me? पार्थ O Partha? दैवीम् divine? प्रकृतिम् nature? आश्रिताः refuged (in)? भजन्ति worship? अनन्यमनसः with a mind devoted to nothing else? ज्ञात्वा having known? भूतादिम् the source of beings? अव्ययम् imperishable.Commentary Jnatva Bhutadimavyayam There is another interpretation – knowing Me to be the source or the origin of beings and imperishable.Daivim Prakritim Divine or Sattvic nature. Those who are endowed with divine nature? and who possess selfrestraint? mercy? faith? purity? etc.Mahatmanah Or? the highsouled ones are those whose pure minds have been made by Me? as My special abode. I dwell in the pure minds of the highsouled ones. They have sincere devotion to Me. Those who possess divine Sattvic nature? who are endowed with a pure mind? and who have knowledge of the Self are Mahatmas.Bhutas All living beings? as well as the five elements.