वेदाहं समतीतानि वर्तमानानि चार्जुन |
भविष्याणि च भूतानि मां तु वेद न कश्चन ||७-२६||


vedāhaṃ samatītāni vartamānāni cārjuna .
bhaviṣyāṇi ca bhūtāni māṃ tu veda na kaścana ||7-26||



7.26. O Arjuna, I know the beings that are gone off, that are present and are yet to be born; but no one, knows Me.

Shri Purohit Swami

7.26 I know, O Arjuna, all beings in the past, the present and the future; but they do not know Me.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

7.25-26 Naham etc. Vadaham etc. I am not perceivable to all. But the actions themselves, if performed, would beget emancipation at the time of dissolution [of the world]. otherwise, how does the total dissolution come to be there ? When this doubt arises, [the Bhagavat] commences [to answer] as :

Sri Ramanuja

7.26 I know all being that have passed away, those that live now and those that will hereafter. But no one knows Me. Among the beings existing in the three-fold divisions of time whom I look after, no one understands Me as of the nature described and as Vasudeva incarnated to be a refuge for all. So no one resorts to Me. Therefore, the one who knows Me really (Jnanin) is extremely difficult to be found. Such is the meaning.

So also:

Sri Shankaracharya

7.26 O Arjuna, aham, I, however; veda, know; samatitani, the past beings; and vartamanani, the present. I know ca, also; bhavisyani, the future; bhutani, beings. Tu, but; na kascana, no one; veda, knows; mam, Me. Except the one person who is My devotee and has taken refuge in Me, no one adores Me, jus because he does not know My reality. ‘What, again,is the obstruction to knowing Your reality, being prevented by which the creatures that are born do not know You?’ In anticipation of such a estion, the Lord says this:

Swami Adidevananda

7.26 I know all beings, O Arjuna, past, present and those to come; but no one knows Me.

Swami Gambirananda

7.26 O Arjuna, I know the past and the present as also the future beings; but no one knows Me!

Swami Sivananda

7.26 I know, O Arjuna, the beings of the past, the present and the future, but no one knows Me.


Swami Sivananda

7.26 वेद know? अहम् I? समतीतानि the past? वर्तमानानि the present? च and? अर्जुन O Arjuna? भविष्याणि the future? च and? भूतानि beings? माम् Me? तु verily? वेद knows? न not? कश्चन any one.Commentary Persons who are deluded by the three alities of Nature do not know the Lord. As they lack in the knowledge of His real nature? they do not adore Hi. But the Lord knows through His omniscience the beings of the past? the present and the future. He who worships the Lord with singleminded devotion knows Him in essence. He has knowledge of His real nature.