एतन्मे संशयं कृष्ण छेत्तुमर्हस्यशेषतः |
त्वदन्यः संशयस्यास्य छेत्ता न ह्युपपद्यते ||६-३९||


etanme saṃśayaṃ kṛṣṇa chettumarhasyaśeṣataḥ .
tvadanyaḥ saṃśayasyāsya chettā na hyupapadyate ||6-39||



6.39. Please dispel this doubt of mine completely. But for Yourself, O Krsna, no eradicator of this doubt is possible.

Shri Purohit Swami

6.39 My Lord! Thou art worthy to solve this doubt once and for all; save Thyself there is no one competent to do so.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

6.37-39 Ayatah etc. upto na hyupapadyate. Even if his mind has moved away from the Yoga, he had reached, the faith in [his] mind is not lost. for, a person - even if he has achieved the Yoga - makes all [achievements] useless, if his faith is completely lost. That has been said :-

‘Even after attaining the perfect knowledge, if it gets vitiated due to the caprices of mind, that very moment it perishes soon, just as a heap of cotton does due to fire’.

If a complete success in the Yoga has not been achieved, then having come out of this [material] world, and having not yet got himself absorbed in the Brahman, would he get lost ? Or, because he has not yet got established in the Brahman, does he permanently get destroyed as the other world (heaven) is [also] ruined for him ? This is the estion. On this [estion], the conclusion -

Sri Ramanuja

6.37 - 6.39 Arjuna said What way does he go, who has embarked on Yoga endowed with faith, but who by inadeacy of exertion in practice, does not gain success in Yoga and has his mind wandering from Yoga? Does he not perish like a small piece of cloud torn from a large mass of cloud - perish without reaching another large mass of cloud?

Now does he not fall away from both (sides)? He has no support and is confused on the path leading to the Brahman. He is without any support in the sense that Karma or rituals which constitutes the means of heaven etc., does not give support for a person who is devoid of attachment to fruits; for Karma is the means for generating its own fruits. He is also confused in the path leading to the Brahman on which he has just begun to traverse; He has lost his way. Does he then get lost by falling down from both sides, these being attainment of heaven on the one hand and liberation on the other. Does he not thus perish? You should remove this doubt altogether from my mind; for there is no other remover of this doubt than You, who always perceive directly all matters simultaneously.

Sri Shankaracharya

6.39 O krsna, arhasi, You should; asesatah, totally; chettum, eradicate, remove; etat, this; samsayam, doubt; me, of mine. Hi, for; na tvad anyah, none other than You, be he a sage or a god; upapadyate, can be; chetta, the despeller, the destroyer; asya, of this; samsayasya, doubt. Therefore you Yourself should dispel (the doubt). This is the meaning.

Swami Adidevananda

6.39 You should altogether remove this doubt of mine, O Krsna, for there is no other remover of this doubt thanYou.

Swami Gambirananda

6.39 O Krsna, You should totally eradicate this doubt of mine. For, none other than Yourself can be the dispeller of this doubt!

Swami Sivananda

6.39 This doubt of mine, O Krishna, do Thou dispel completely; because it is not possible for any but Thee to dispel this doubt.


Swami Sivananda

6.39 एतत् this? मे my? संशयम् doubt? कृष्ण O Krishna? छेत्तुम् to dispel? अर्हसि oughtest? अशेषतः completely? त्वत् than Thou? अन्यः another? संशयस्य of doubt? अस्य of this? छेत्ता dispeller? न not? हि verily? उपपद्यते is fit.Commentary There can be no better teacher than Thee for Thou art the omniscient Lord. Thou alone canst dispel this doubt. A Rishi (seer)? a Deva (god)? or a Muni (sage) will not be able to destroy this doubt.