अर्जुन उवाच |
अयतिः श्रद्धयोपेतो योगाच्चलितमानसः |
अप्राप्य योगसंसिद्धिं कां गतिं कृष्ण गच्छति ||६-३७||


arjuna uvāca .
ayatiḥ śraddhayopeto yogāccalitamānasaḥ .
aprāpya yogasaṃsiddhiṃ kāṃ gatiṃ kṛṣṇa gacchati ||6-37||



6.37. Arjuna said A person who has faith and is desirous of reaching the path (goal) of the good; [but] whose mind has severed from the Yoga; to which goal does he go, having failed to attain the success in Yoga ? O Krsna !

Shri Purohit Swami

6.37 Arjuna asked: He who fails to control himself, whose mind falls from spiritual contemplation, who attains not perfection but retains his faith, what of him, my Lord?

Sri Abhinav Gupta

6.37 See Comment under 6.39

Sri Ramanuja

6.37 - 6.39 Arjuna said What way does he go, who has embarked on Yoga endowed with faith, but who by inadeacy of exertion in practice, does not gain success in Yoga and has his mind wandering from Yoga? Does he not perish like a small piece of cloud torn from a large mass of cloud - perish without reaching another large mass of cloud?

Now does he not fall away from both (sides)? He has no support and is confused on the path leading to the Brahman. He is without any support in the sense that Karma or rituals which constitutes the means of heaven etc., does not give support for a person who is devoid of attachment to fruits; for Karma is the means for generating its own fruits. He is also confused in the path leading to the Brahman on which he has just begun to traverse; He has lost his way. Does he then get lost by falling down from both sides, these being attainment of heaven on the one hand and liberation on the other. Does he not thus perish? You should remove this doubt altogether from my mind; for there is no other remover of this doubt than You, who always perceive directly all matters simultaneously.

Sri Shankaracharya

6.37 O krsna, aprapya, failing to achieve; yoga-sam-siddhim, perfection in Yoga, the result of Yoga, i.e. full Illumination; kam gatim, what goal; gacchati, does one attain; who, though upetah sraddhaya, possessed of faith, belief in God and in the other world; is ayatih, not diligent, devoid of effort on the path of Yoga; and, at the time of death, too, calita-manasah, whose mind becomes deflected; yogat, from Yoga, (i.e.) whose memory has been lost?

Swami Adidevananda

6.37 Arjuna said If a person, who is possessed of faith but has put in only inadeate effort, finds his mind wandering away from Yoga, and then fails to attain perfection - what way does he go, O Krsna?

Swami Gambirananda

6.37 Arjuna said O krsna, failing to achieve perfection in Yoga, what goal does one attain who, though possessed of faith, is not diligent and whose mind becomes deflected from Yoga?

Swami Sivananda

6.37 Arjuna said He who is unable to control himself though he has the faith, and whose mind wanders away from Yoga, what end does he, having failed to attain perfection in Yoga, mee,t O Krishna?


Swami Sivananda

6.37 अयतिः uncontrolled? श्रद्धया by faith? उपेतः possessed? योगात् from Yoga? चलितमानसः one whose mind wanders away? अप्राप्य not having attained? योगसंसिद्धिम् perfection in Yoga? काम् which? गतिम् end? कृष्ण O Krishna? गच्छति meets.Commentary He has faith in the efficacy of Yoga but he is not able to control the senses and the mind. He has no concentration of mind. His mind wanders away when the last breath departs from his body and he loses the memory also. Having failed to achieve perfection in Yoga? i.e.? Selfrealisation or the knowledge of the Self? what path will he tread? and what end will such a man,meet