अर्जुन उवाच |
योऽयं योगस्त्वया प्रोक्तः साम्येन मधुसूदन |
एतस्याहं न पश्यामि चञ्चलत्वात्स्थितिं स्थिराम् ||६-३३||


arjuna uvāca .
yo.ayaṃ yogastvayā proktaḥ sāmyena madhusūdana .
etasyāhaṃ na paśyāmi cañcalatvātsthitiṃ sthirām ||6-33||



6.33. Arjuna said This Yoga of eal-mindedness which has been spoken of by You, O slayer of Mandhu, I do not find [any] proper foundation for it, because of the unsteadiness of the mind.

Shri Purohit Swami

6.33 Arjuna said: I do not see how I can attain this state of equanimity which Thou has revealed, owing to the restlessness of my mind.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

6.33 See Comment under 6.34

Sri Ramanuja

6.33 Arjuna said This Yoga as explained by you consists in maintaining eality of vision everywhere, viz., i) among themselves which have been so far known to be of different kinds such as gods and men, and ii) between the individual selves and the Supreme, in so far as (a) all the selves are of the same form of knowledge, and (b) in so far as the individual self (i.e., the released soul) and the Supreme are alike free from Karma. I do not see how this Yoga can be steadily established in my mind, fickle as the mind is.

Sri Shankaracharya

6.33 O Madhusudana, ayam, this; yogah, Yoga; yah proktah, that has been spoken of; tvaya, by You; samyena, as sameness; na pasyami, I do not see, I cannot conceive;-what?-etasya, its; sthiram, steady, undisturbed; sthitim, continuance; cancalatvat, owing to the unsteadiness of the mind, which is well known.

Swami Adidevananda

6.33 Arjuna said This Yoga of eality, which has been declared by You, O Krsna, I do not see that it can be steady because of the fickleness of the mind.

Swami Gambirananda

6.33 Arjuna said O Madhusudana (Krsna), this Yoga that has been spoken of by You as sameness, I do not see its steady continuance, owing to the restlessness (of the mind).

Swami Sivananda

6.33 Arjuna said This Yoga of eanimity taught by Thee, O Krishna, I do not see its steady continuance, because of the restlessness (of the mind).


Swami Sivananda

6.33 यः which? अयम् this? योगः Yoga? त्वया by Thee? प्रोक्तः taught? साम्येन by eanimity? मधुसूदन O slayer of Madhu? एतस्य its? अहम् I? न not? पश्यामि see? चञ्चलत्वात् from restlessness? स्थितिम् continuance? स्थिराम् steady.Commentary As the mind is restless? impetuous and unsteady I find it difficult to practise this Yoga of eanimity declared by Thee. O my Lord? I cannot have steady concentration of the mind? as it wanders here and there in the twinkling of an eye.