सङ्कल्पप्रभवान्कामांस्त्यक्त्वा सर्वानशेषतः |
मनसैवेन्द्रियग्रामं विनियम्य समन्ततः ||६-२४||


saṅkalpaprabhavānkāmāṃstyaktvā sarvānaśeṣataḥ .
manasaivendriyagrāmaṃ viniyamya samantataḥ ||6-24||



6.24. In order ot renounce completely all desires that are born of intention, let a person, restraining the group of sense-organs from all sides by mind alone;

Shri Purohit Swami

6.24 Renouncing every desire which imagination can conceive, controlling the senses at every point by the power of mind;

Sri Abhinav Gupta

6.24 See Comment under 6.25

Sri Ramanuja

6.24 - 6.25 There are two kinds of desires: 1) those born of contact between the senses and objects like heat, cold etc.; 2) those generated by our mind (will) like that for sons, land etc. Of these, the latter type of desires are by their own nature relinishable. Relinishing all these by the mind through contemplation on their lack of association with the self; having relinished the ideas of pleasure and pain in respect of unavoidable desires resulting from contract; restraining all the senses on all sides, i.e., from contact with all their objects - one should think of nothing else, i.e., other than the self. Little by little ‘with the help of intellect controlled by firm resolution,’ i.e., by the power of discrimination, one should think of nothing else, having fixed the mind on the self.

Sri Shankaracharya

6.24 See Commentary under 6.25

Swami Adidevananda

6.24 Renouncing entirely all desires born of volition and restraining the mind from all the senses on all sides;

Swami Gambirananda

6.24 By totally eschewing all desires which arise from thoughts, and restraining with the mind itself all the organs from every side;

Swami Sivananda

6.24 Abandoning without reserve all desires born of Sankalpa (thought and imagination) and completely restraining the whole group of the senses by the mind from all sides.


Swami Sivananda

6.24 सङ्कल्पप्रभवान् born of Sankalpa (imagination)? कामान् desires? त्यक्त्वा having abandoned? सर्वान् all? अशेषतः without reserve? मनसा by the mind? एव even? इन्द्रियग्रामम् the whole group of senses? विनियम्य completely restraining? समन्ततः from all sides.Commentary Without reserve The mind is so diplomatic that it keeps certain desires for its secret gratification. Therefore you should completely abandon all desires without reservation.Desire is born of imagination (Sankalpa). Therefore destroy the Sankalpa first. If the imagination is annihilated first then the desires will die by themselves. Mark here All the senses must be controlled from all sides by the mind. Even if one sense is turbulent in one direction it will distract the mind often and often. The senses will be absorbed in the mind by the constant practice of abstraction (Pratyahara). Then the mind will not think of the objects of sensepleasure and will become perfectly calm.That mind which is endowed with a strong discrimination and dispassion will be able to control the whole ground (or group) of the senses from their objects in all directions. Therefore cultivate strong Viveka or discrimination between the Real and the unreal and also Vairagya or total dispassion for sensual pleasures. (Cf.II.62)