भयाद्रणादुपरतं मंस्यन्ते त्वां महारथाः |
येषां च त्वं बहुमतो भूत्वा यास्यसि लाघवम् ||२-३५||


bhayādraṇāduparataṃ maṃsyante tvāṃ mahārathāḥ .
yeṣāṃ ca tvaṃ bahumato bhūtvā yāsyasi lāghavam ||2-35||



2.35. The mighty charioteers will think of you as having withdrawn from the battle out of fear : having been highly regarded by these men, you shall be viewed lightly.

Shri Purohit Swami

2.35 Great generals will think that thou hast fled from the battlefield through cowardice; though once honoured thou wilt seem despicable.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

2.35 See Comment under 2.37

Sri Ramanuja

2.35 Great warriors like Karna, Duryodhana, etc., hitherto held you in high esteem as a heroic enemy. Now by refraining from battle when it has begun, you will appear to them as despicable and easily defeatable. These great warriors will think of you as withdrawing from battle out of fear. Because turning away from battle does not happen in the case of brave enemies through affection etc., for relatives. It can happen only through fear of enemies.


Sri Shankaracharya

2.35 Moreover, maharathah, the great chariot-riders, Duryodhana and others; mamsyante, will think; tvam, of you; as uparatam, having desisted; ranat, from the fight; not out of compassion, but bhayat, out of fear of Karna and others; ca, and ; yasyasi laghavam, you will again fall into disgrace before them, before Duryodhana and others; yesam, to whom; tvam, you; bahumato bhutva, had been estimable as endowed with many alities.

Swami Adidevananda

2.35 The great warriors will think that you have fled from battle in fear. These men who held you in high esteem will speak lightly of you now.

Swami Gambirananda

2.35 The great chariot-riders will think of you as having desisted from the fight out of fear; and you will into disgrace before them to whom you had been estimable.

Swami Sivananda

2.35 The great car-warriors will think that thou hast withdrawn from the battle through fear; and thou wilt be lightly held by them who have thought much of thee.


Swami Sivananda

2.35 भयात् from fear? रणात् from the battle? उपरतम् withdrawn? मंस्यन्ते will think? त्वाम् thee? महारथाः the great carwarriors? येषाम् of whom? च and? त्वम् thou? बहुमतः much thought of? भूत्वा having been? यास्यसि will receive? लाघवम् lightness.Commentary Duryodhana and others will certainly think that you have fled from the battle from fear of Karna and others? but not through compassion and reverence for elders and teachers. Duryodhana and others who have shown great esteem to you on account of your chivalry? bravery and other noble alities? will think very lightly of you and treat you with contempt.