तानहं द्विषतः क्रुरान्संसारेषु नराधमान् |
क्षिपाम्यजस्रमशुभानासुरीष्वेव योनिषु ||१६-१९||


tānahaṃ dviṣataḥ krurānsaṃsāreṣu narādhamān .
kṣipāmyajasramaśubhānāsurīṣveva yoniṣu ||16-19||



16.19. These hateful, cruel, basest men, I hurl incessantly into the inauspicious demoniac wombs alone in the cycle of birth-and-death.

Shri Purohit Swami

16.19 Those who thus hate Me, who are cruel, the dregs of mankind, I condemn them to a continuous, miserable and godless rebirth.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

16.19 See Coment under 16.20

Sri Ramanuja

16.19 Those who hate Me in this manner, I hurl them, the cruel, inauspicious and the vilest of mankind into the cycle of births and deaths for ever, viz., old age, death etc., revolving again and again, and even there into demoniac wombs. I hurl them into births, antagonistic to any friendliness towards Me. The meaning is that I shall connect them to cruel minds as would impel them to actions which lead them to the attainment of cursed births.

Sri Shankaracharya

16.19 Because of their defect of unrighteousness, aham, I; ksipami, cast, hurl; ajasram, for ever; all tan, those; who are dvisatah, hateful of Me; kruran, cruel; and asubhan, who are evil doers; samsaresu, in the worlds-who are on the paths leading to hell; who are the nara-adhaman, vilest of human beings, who are opposed to the right path, who are hostile to the pious people; eva, verily; asurisu, into the demoniacal; yonisu, classes-tigers, loins, etc., which are full of evil deeds. The verb cast is to be connected with ‘into the classes’.

Swami Adidevananda

16.19 Those haters, cruel, the vilest and the most inauspicious of mankind, I hurl forever into the cycles of births and deaths, into the wombs of demons.

Swami Gambirananda

16.19 I cast for ever those hateful, cruel, evil-doers in the worlds, the vilest of human beings, verily into the demoniacla classes.

Swami Sivananda

16.19 Those cruel haters, worst among men in the world, I hurl those evil-doers into the wombs of demons only.


Swami Sivananda

16.19 तान् those? अहम् I? द्विषतः (the) hating (ones)? क्रूरान् cruel? संसारेषु in the worlds? नराधमान् worst among men? क्षिपामि (I) hurl? अजस्रम् for ever? अशुभान् evildoers? आसुरीषु of demons? एव only? योनिषु in wombs.Commentary Now listen to the manner in which I deal with all these demoniacal persons who injure people and who take delight in killing people and animals and who hate Me? the indweller of all bodies. I deprive them of their human state and reduce them to a lower condition as subhuman creatures. I hurl them into the wombs of the most cruel beings such as tigers? lions? scorpions? snakes and the like. For ever only means till they purify their hearts. There is no such thing as eternal damnation.Tan Those The enemies of those who tread the path of righteousness and the haters of virtuous persons.Naradhaman Worst among men because they are guilty of the wors evil deeds and they take delight in injuring virtuous persns and in killing persons and animals ruthlessly.Asurishu yonishu Wombs of Asuras Wombs of the most cruel beings such as tigers? lions and the like.