अनेकचित्तविभ्रान्ता मोहजालसमावृताः |
प्रसक्ताः कामभोगेषु पतन्ति नरकेऽशुचौ ||१६-१६||


anekacittavibhrāntā mohajālasamāvṛtāḥ .
prasaktāḥ kāmabhogeṣu patanti narake.aśucau ||16-16||



16.16. Endowed with many thoughts; confused highly; enslaved simply by their delusion; and addicated to the gratification of desires; they fall into the hell and into what is foul.

Shri Purohit Swami

16.16 Perplexed by discordant thoughts, entangled in the snares of desire, infatuated by passion, they sink into the horrors of hell.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

16.13-16 Idam adya etc. upto asucau. Endowed with many thoughts etc. For, they do not have any conviction. Into the hell and what is foul : in the [hell] Avici and the like and in the regular succession of birth and death.

Sri Ramanuja

16.16 As do not accept the need for the help of past Karma and the Lord for their achievements and believe them to be only due to their own efforts, they are ‘bewildered’ by many thoughts, ‘Thus I shall do, this I shall accomplish, and still another I shall achieve.’ In this way they are ensnared by the net of delusion. Highly addicted to sensual enjoyments, they die in the middle of such enjoyments and fall into foul Naraka [Naraka is sometimes translated as hell. This is the Christian conception. In the Hindu view it is purgatory where through intense sufferings the Jiva is purged of sins].

Sri Shankaracharya

16.16 Aneka-citta-vibhrantah, bewildered by numerous thoughts, confounded variously by thoughts of the kind stated above; moha-jala-samavrtah, caught in the net of delusion-moha is non-discrimination, lack of understanding; that itself is like a net because of its nature of covering; enshrouded by that; prasaktah, engrossed; kama-bhogesu, in the enjoyment of desirable objects, being immersed in that itself; they patanti, fall, owing to the sins accumulated thery; asucau, into a foul; narake, hell, such as Vaitarani. [Vaitarani: It is the most terrible place of punishment; a river filled with all kinds of filth-blood, hair, bones etc., and running with great impetuosity, hot and fetid. The other hells are Tamisra, Andhatamisra, Raurava, Kumbhipaka, and so on.]

Swami Adidevananda

16.16 Bewildered by many thoughts, ensnared by the net of delusion, addicted to sensual enjoyments, they fall into a foul Naraka.

Swami Gambirananda

16.16 Bewildered by numerous thoughts, caught in the net of delusion, (and) engrossed in the enjoyment of desirable objects, they fall into a foul hell.

Swami Sivananda

16.16 Bewildered by many a fancy, entangled in the snare of delusion, addicted to the gratification of lust, they fall into a foul hell.


Swami Sivananda

16.16 अनेकचित्तविभ्रान्ताः bewildred by many a fancy? मोहजालसमावृताः entangled in the snare of delusion? प्रसक्ताः addicted? कामभोगेषु to the gratification of lust? पतन्ति (they) fall? नरके into hell? अशुचौ foul.Commentary Just as a man utters many incoherent words when he gets delirium or high fever? so also these diabolical men prattle about their desires? sensual enjoyment? etc. They commit,countless sins and so they fall into a foul hell such as the Vaitarani. Delusion is a snare because those who are deluded are entrapped. They are caught like fish in the meshes of the net of delusion. They are enveloped by the net on four sides. They are bewildered as to what to do first and what next. As they are enveloped or covered by delusion? they are bewildered in various ways by entertaining various evil thoughts. They have no discrimination between the proper or beneficial and improper or harmful Sadhanas. The lack of the knowledge of the distinction between these two is Moha. As Mohas is a veil and a cause of bondage it is compared to a net.All the alities mentioned above lead to downfall.