आशापाशशतैर्बद्धाः कामक्रोधपरायणाः |
ईहन्ते कामभोगार्थमन्यायेनार्थसञ्चयान् ||१६-१२||


āśāpāśaśatairbaddhāḥ kāmakrodhaparāyaṇāḥ .
īhante kāmabhogārthamanyāyenārthasañcayān ||16-12||



16.12. Being bound by hundreds of ropes of longing; and being devoted to their desire and anger, they seek, by unjust means, hoards with wealth, for the purpose of the gratification of their desires.

Shri Purohit Swami

16.12 Caught in the toils of a hundred vain hopes, the slaves of passion and wrath, they accumulate hoards of unjust wealth, only to pander to their sensual desire.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

16.9-12 Etam etc. upto arthasancayam : Their anxiety ends only at the time of dissolution i.e. never ceases, becaue the rise and dissolution never end. This much alone : For them the highest goal to be achieved is but the gratification of desires, and when this (aim) is just ruined, there arises anger. Hence the Lord says ‘Devoted to their craving and anger’.

Sri Ramanuja

16.12 They are ‘bound by hundreds of fetters of hope,’ viz., bound by hundreds of fetters in the form of hope. They are given over to ‘desire and anger,’ viz., they are intent solely on desire and anger. To satisfy their sensual desires, they endeavour for wealth through immortal means.

Sri Shankaracharya

16.12 Baddhah, bound, being impelled, being lured from all sides; asa-pasa-sataih, by hundreds of shackles in the from of hope-the hopes themselves are the shackles; by hundreds of these; kama-krodha-parayanah, giving themselves wholly to passion and anger, having passion and anger as their highest resort; ihante, they endeavour; artha-sancayan, to amass wealth; anyayena, through foul means, i.e. by stealing others’ wealth, etc.; kama-bhoga-artham, for the enjoyment of desirable objects-in order to enjoy desirable objects, not for righteous acts. Their intentions, too, are of this kind:

Swami Adidevananda

16.12 Bound by hundreds of fetters of hopes, given over to desire and anger, they strive unjustly to gather wealth for the gratification of their desires.

Swami Gambirananda

16.12 Bound by hundreds of shackles in the form of hope, giving themselves wholly to passion and anger, they endeavour to amass wealth through foul means for the enjoyment of desirable objects.

Swami Sivananda

16.12 Bound by a hundred ties of hope, given over to lust and anger, they strive to obtain by unlawful means hoards to wealth for sensual enjoyments.


Swami Sivananda

16.12 आशापाशशतैः by a hundred ties of hope? बद्धाः bound? कामक्रोधपरायणाः given over to lust and anger? ईहन्ते (they) strive (to attain)? कामभोगार्थम् for sensual enjoyment? अन्यायेन by unlawful means? अर्थसञ्चयान् hoards of wealth.Commentary They murder people and rob them of their wealth in order to have sensual enjoyments. They amass wealth for sensepleasure only? but not for doing righteous actions. They have no mercy. They are very cruel. They are held in bondage by a hundred ties of expectation. They harbour in their hearts a craving for all kinds of sensual objects. Various sorts of desires crop up in their mind. When their desires are not gratified they become furious. They acire wealth by unjust means. Hope or expectation binds a man to the wheel of Samsara.,Therefore hope is likened to a cord or a rope. There is no end to their cravings. Though they possess enormous wealth their cravings are not appeased. They multiply daily. These people become hopeless victims of greed.