चिन्तामपरिमेयां च प्रलयान्तामुपाश्रिताः |
कामोपभोगपरमा एतावदिति निश्चिताः ||१६-११||


cintāmaparimeyāṃ ca pralayāntāmupāśritāḥ .
kāmopabhogaparamā etāvaditi niścitāḥ ||16-11||



16.11. Adhering to their anxiety that is ultimited and may end only at the time of dissolution; viewing the gratification of their desires alone as their highest goal; ascertaining that this much alone exists;

Shri Purohit Swami

16.11 Poring anxiously over evil resolutions, which only end in death; seeking only the gratification of desire as the highest goal; seeing nothing beyond;

Sri Abhinav Gupta

16.11 See Coment under 16.12

Sri Ramanuja

16.11 Those who are sure to die today or tomorrow ‘obsess themselves with cares’ in regard to objects the attainment of which is not possible even by the time of death. Likewise, they look upon ’enjoyment of desires’ as their highest aim, viz., they regard the satisfaction of sensual enjoyments as the highest aim of human life. They are convinced that this is all, viz., they are assured that there is no value in human life greater than this.

Sri Shankaracharya

16.11 Upasritah, beset with; aparimeyam, innumerable; cintam, cares-worries that defy estimation of their limits!, i.e., constantly burdened with cares; pralayantam, which end (only) with death; kama-upabhoga-paramah, holding that the enjoyment of desirable objects is the highest goal-kama is derived in the sense of ’that which is desired for’, viz sound etc.; considered their enjoyment to be the highest; having their minds convinced thus that this alone, viz the enjoyment of desirable objects, is the highest human goal; niscitah, feeling sure; iti, that; etavat, this is all-

Swami Adidevananda

16.11 Obsessed by unlimited cares which end with dissolution, looking upon enjoyment of desires as their highest aim, and convinced that this is all;

Swami Gambirananda

16.11 Beset with innumerable cares which end (only) with death, holding that the enjoyment of desirable objects is the highest goal, feeling sure that this is all.

Swami Sivananda

16.11 Giving themselves over to immeasurable cares ending only with death, regarding gratification of lust as their highest aim, and feeling sure that that is all.


Swami Sivananda

16.11 चिन्ताम् cares? अपरिमेयाम् immeasurable? च and? प्रलयान्तम् ending only with death? उपाश्रिताः refuged in? कामोपभोगपरमाः regarding gratification of lust as their highest aim? एतावत् that is all? इति thus? निश्चिताः feeling sure.Commentary They are beset with immense cares? worries and anxieties and their minds are engrossed in aciring and preserving the countless sensual objects. They have got the strong conviction that the sensual enjoyment is the highest end of a man. They are steeped in enjoying the objects of the senses. They firmly believe that that is everything. They believe that sensual enjoyment is the supreme source of happiness and there is no such thing as eternal bliss of the soul or transcendental bliss of the Self. They have no belief in the happiness in another world (or plane) or in the perennial bliss which is independent of sensual objects? which is beyond the reach of the senses. They have a dull and gross intellect? and so they cannot grasp the subtle higher truth. Sensual enjoyment is the greatest object of attainment for them.