मय्येव मन आधत्स्व मयि बुद्धिं निवेशय |
निवसिष्यसि मय्येव अत ऊर्ध्वं न संशयः ||१२-८||


mayyeva mana ādhatsva mayi buddhiṃ niveśaya .
nivasiṣyasi mayyeva ata ūrdhvaṃ na saṃśayaḥ ||12-8||



12.8. [Hence], fix your mind on nothing but Me; cuase your taught to settle in Me. Thus resorting to the best Yoga, you will dwell in Me alone.

Shri Purohit Swami

12.8 Then let thy mind cling only to Me, let thy intellect abide in Me; and without doubt thou shalt live hereafter in Me alone.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

12.6-8 Ye tu etc. upto asthitah. Those who renounce all (all actions) in Me according to the instruction related above - of them I am the redeemer from all the afflictions like obstacles [on the way to realisation] etc. The act of causing the mind to enter [into the Supreme] has been explained (under XII, 2 above). Therefore, this alone is the highest form of Yoga, because it is natural. Hence [I have said] in my Hymn :

‘If, during [one’s] concentration, reflecting with high esteem and remaining in a [particular] posture, and the best process (karana), a person causes a certain awakening to shine forth, that is not the Consciousness of Yours (i.e. of the Goddess) that rises up perennially and flows with its own (unadulterated) taste; for, here (in the former) too the presence of the triad is distinctly felt.

On the other hand, when [glowing] without fuel; holding to its independence; following horripilation, [bodily] shake and tears, [all] breaking forth spontaneously; and clearly assuming the indifference [even] to the body; the awakening fire of Consciousness suddely shines, on its own accord simultaneously; then alone, O Goddess, that body of Yours, the mightly Lord (Mahesa) is realised - a body which is devoid of [all] supports, and which breaks the bondage of the dependent.’

And so on.

Sri Ramanuja

12.8 ‘Focus your mind on Me alone,’ on account of My being the unsurpassed end of human endeavour and on My being easily attainable without delay. Focus your mind in meditation on Me alone. Let your Buddhi ’enter into Me,’ strengthened by the conviction that I alone am the supreme object to be attained. Then you will ’live in Me alone,’ i.e., You will live in Me alone immediately after focusing your mind on Me by forming the conviction that I alone am the supreme object to be attained.

Sri Shankaracharya

12.8 Adhatsva, fix manah, the mind-possessed of the power of thinking and doubting; mayi, on Me, on God as the Cosmic Person; eva, alone. Mayi, in Me; eva, alone; nivesaya, rest; the buddhim, intellect, which engages in determining (things). Listen to what will happen to you thery: Na samsayah, there is no doubt-no doubt should be entertained with regard to this; that atah urdhvam, hereafter, after the fall of the body; nivasisyasi, you will dwell; mayi, in Me, live in identity withMe; eva, alone.

Swami Adidevananda

12.8 Focus your mind on Me alone; and let your Buddhi enter into Me. Then, you will live in Me alone; there is no doubt.

Swami Gambirananda

12.8 Fix the mind on Me alone; in Me alone rest the intellect. There is no doubt that hereafter you will dwell in Me alone. [For the sake of metre, eva and atah (in the second line of the verse) are not joined together (to form evatah).]

Swami Sivananda

12.8 Fix thy mind in Me only, thy intellect in Me, (then) thou shalt no doubt live in Me alone hereafter.


Swami Sivananda

12.8 मयि in Me? एव only? मनः the mind? आधत्स्व fix? मयि in Me? बुद्धिम् (thy) intellect? निवेशय place? निवसिष्यसि thou shalt live? मयि in Me? एव alone? अतः ऊर्ध्वम् hereafter? न not? संशयः doubt.Commentary Fix thy mind means thy purposes and thoughts in Me the Lord in the Cosmic Form. Give up entirely all thoughts of sensual objects. Fix in Me thy intellect also – the faculty which resolves and determines.What will be the result then Thou shalt undoubtedly live in Me as Myself. O Arjuna? of this there is no doubt whatsoever.The Yoga of meditation is described in this verse. (Cf.VIII.7X.9XI.34XVIII.65)