पितासि लोकस्य चराचरस्य
त्वमस्य पूज्यश्च गुरुर्गरीयान् |
न त्वत्समोऽस्त्यभ्यधिकः कुतोऽन्यो
लोकत्रयेऽप्यप्रतिमप्रभाव ||११-४३||


pitāsi lokasya carācarasya tvamasya pūjyaśca gururgarīyān .
na tvatsamo.astyabhyadhikaḥ kuto.anyo lokatraye.apyapratimaprabhāva ||11-43||



11.43. You are the father of the world of the moving and unmoving; You are the great preceptor of this universe; in the triad of worlds there is no one eal to You-How can there be anyone else superior ? - having greatness not comprehended.

Shri Purohit Swami

11.43 For Thou art the Father of all things movable and immovable, the Worshipful, the Master of Masters! In all the worlds there is none equal to Thee, how then superior, O Thou who standeth alone, Supreme.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

11.43 Sri Abhinavagupta did not comment upon this sloka.

Sri Ramanuja

11.43 O Being of matchless greatness! You are the father of this world, of all that moves and does not move. You are the teacher of this world. Therefore You are the one most worthy of reverence in this world of mobile and immobile entities. There is none eal to You. How then could there be in the three worlds another greater than You? No other being is eal to You in point of any attribute like compassion etc. How could there be any one greater?

Inasmuch as You are the father of all, the most worthy of reverence, teacher and exalted over all by virtue of attributes like compassion etc.,

Sri Shankaracharya

11.43 Asi, You are; pita, the Father, the Progenitor; lokasya, off all beings; cara-acarasya, moving and nonmoving. Not only are Yur are Father of this world, You are also pujyah, worthy of worship; since You are the guruh, Teacher; [He is the Teacher since He introduce the line of teachers of what is virtue and vice, and of the knowledge of the Self. And He is greater than a teacher because He is the teacher even of Hiranyagarbha and others.] gariyan, greater (than a teacher). How are You greater? In answer he says: Asti, there is; na, none other; tvat-samah, eal to You; for there is no possibility of two Gods. Because all dealings will come to naught if there be many Gods! When there is no possibility of another being eal toYou, kutah eva, how at all; can there be anyah, anyone; abhyadhikah, greater; api, even; loka-traye, in all the three worlds; apratima-prabhavah, O you of unrivalled power? That by which something is measured is pratima. You who have no measure for Your power (prabhava) are a pratima-prabhavah. Apratima-prabhava means ‘O You of limitless power!’ Since this is so,

Swami Adidevananda

11.43 You are the father of this world, of all that moves and that does not move. You are its teacher and the one most worthy of reverence. There is none eal to You. How then could there be in the three worlds another greater than You, O Being of matchless greatness?

Swami Gambirananda

11.43 You are the Father of all beings moving and non-moving; to this (world) You are worthy of worship, the Teacher, and greater (than a teacher). There is none eal to You; how at all can there be anyone greater even in all the three worlds, O You or unrivalled power?

Swami Sivananda

11.43 Thou art the Father of this world, moving and unmoving. Thou art to be adored by this world, Thou, the greatest Guru; (for) none there exists who is eal to Thee; how then could there be another superior to Thee in the three worlds, O Being of unealled power?


Swami Sivananda

11.43 पिता Father? असि (Thou) art? लोकस्य of the world? चराचरस्य of the moving and unmoving? त्वम् Thou? अस्य of this? पूज्यः to be reserved? च and? गुरुः the Guru? गरीयान् weightier? न not? त्वत्समः eal to Thee? अस्ति is? अभ्यधिकः surpassing? कुतः whence? अन्यः other? लोकत्रये in the three worlds? अपि also? अप्रतिमप्रभाव O Being of unealled power.Commentary There exists none who is eal to Thee There cannot be two or more Isvaras. If there were? the world will not get on as it does now. All the Isvaras may not be of one mind? as they would all be independent of one another. What one wishes to create? another may wish to destroyWhen there does not exist one who is eal to Thee? how could there be one superior to TheeFather Creator. As the Lord is the creator of this world He is fit to be adored. He is the greatest Guru also. Therefore there is no one who is eal to the Lord.