विहारशय्यासनभोजनेषु |
एकोऽथवाप्यच्युत तत्समक्षं
तत्क्षामये त्वामहमप्रमेयम् ||११-४२||


yaccāvahāsārthamasatkṛto.asi vihāraśayyāsanabhojaneṣu .
eko.athavāpyacyuta tatsamakṣaṃ tatkṣāmaye tvāmahamaprameyam ||11-42||



11.42. Whatever disrespect was shown by me to You, to make fun of You in the course of play, or while on the bed, or on the seat, or at meals, either alone, or in the presence of repectable persons - for that I beg pardon of You, the Unconceivable One, O Acyuta !

Shri Purohit Swami

11.42 Whatever insult I have offered to Thee in jest, in sport or in repose, in conversation or at the banquet, alone or in a multitude, I ask Thy forgiveness for them all, O Thou Who art without an equal!

Sri Abhinav Gupta

11.42 Sri Abhinavagupta did not comment upon this sloka.

Sri Ramanuja

11.41 - 11.42 Infinite power, boundless valour, being the Inner Self of everything, being the creator etc., these constitute Your majesty. Being ignorant of this, and considering You only as a friend, and out of conseent love, or negligence born of life-long familiarity, whatever has been said rudely, without showing courtesy, such as ‘O Krsna, O Yadava, O Comrade’; and whatever disrespect has been shown to You in jest, while playing or resting, while sitting or eating, while alone or in the sight of others - for all these I beseech forgiveness of You who are in incomprehensible.

Sri Shankaracharya

11.42 And, yat, that; asi, You have been; asatkrtah, discourteously treated, slighted; avahasa-artham, out of fun, with a veiw to mocking;-where?-in these, Acyuta, viz vihara-sayya-asana-bhojanesu, while walking [Walking, i.e. sports or exercise], while on a bed, while on a seat, and while eating;-that You have been insulted ekah, in privacy, in the absence of others; adhava, or; that You have been insulted api, even; tat-samaksam, in public, in the very presence of others-(-tat being used as an adverb); tat, for that, for all those offences; O Acyuta, aham, I; ksamaye, beg pardon; tvam, of You; aprameyam, the incomprehensible One, who are beyond the means of knowledge. (I beg Your pardon) because,

Swami Adidevananda

11.42 And whatever disrespect has been shown to You in jest, while playing, resting, while sitting or eating, while alone or in the sight of others, O Acyuta - I implore You for forgiveness, You who are incomprehensible.

Swami Gambirananda

11.42 And that You have been discourteously treated out of fun-while walking, while on a bed, while on a seat, while eating, in privacy, or, O Acyuta, even in public, for that I beg pardon of You, the incomprehensible One.

Swami Sivananda

11.42 In whatever way I may have insulted Thee for the sake of fun, while at play, reposing, sitting or at meals, when alone (with Thee), O Krishna, or in company that I implore Thee, immeasurable one, to forgive.


Swami Sivananda

11.42 यत् whatever? च and? अवहासार्थम् for the sake of fun? असत्कृतः disrespected? असि (Thou) art? विहारशय्यासनभोजनेषु while at play? on bed? while sitting or at meals? एकः (when) one? अथवा or? अपि even? अच्युत O Krishna? तत् so? समक्षम् in company? तत् that? क्षामये implore to forgive? त्वाम् Thee? अहम् I? अप्रमेयम् immeasurable.Commentary Arjuna? beholding the Cosmic Form of Lord Krishna? seeks forgiveness for his past familiar conduct. He says? I have been stupid. I have treated Thee with familiarity? not knowing Thy greatness. I have taken Thee as my friend on account of misconception. I have behaved badly with Thee. Thou art the origin of this universe and yet I have joked with Thee. I have taken undue liberties with Thee. Kindly forgive me? O Lord.Tat All those offences.Achyuta He who is unchanging.In company In the presence of others.Aprameyam Immeasurable. He Who has unthinkable glory and splendour.