यथा प्रदीप्तं ज्वलनं पतङ्गा
विशन्ति नाशाय समृद्धवेगाः |
तथैव नाशाय विशन्ति लोकास्-
तवापि वक्त्राणि समृद्धवेगाः ||११-२९||


yathā pradīptaṃ jvalanaṃ pataṅgā viśanti nāśāya samṛddhavegāḥ .
tathaiva nāśāya viśanti lokāsa- tavāpi vaktrāṇi samṛddhavegāḥ ||11-29||



11.29. Just as with full speed, the moths enter into the flaming fire for their own destruction, in the same manner the worlds also do enter, for their own destruction with full speed, into the mouths of Yours.

Shri Purohit Swami

11.29 As moths fly impetuously to the flame only to be killed, so these men rush into Thy mouths to court their own destruction.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

11.29 Sri Abhinavagupta did not comment upon this sloka.

Sri Ramanuja

11.28 - 11.29 These innumerable kings rush to their destruction in Your flaming mouths, even as many torrents of rivers flow towards the ocean and moths rush into a blazing fire.

Sri Shankaracharya

11.29 Yatha, as; patangah, moths, flying insects; visanti, enter; samrddha-vegah, with increased haste; into a pradiptam, glowing; jvalanam, fire; nasaya, for destruction; tatha eva, in that very way; do the lokah, creatures; visanti, enter into; tava, Your; vaktrani, mouths; api, too; samrddha-vegah, with increased hurry; nasaya, for destruction. You, again-

Swami Adidevananda

11.29 As moths rush swiftly into a blazing fire to their destruction, so do these men swiftly rush into Your mouths to meet their destruction.

Swami Gambirananda

11.29 As moths enter with increased haste into a glowing fire for destruction, in that very way do the creatures enter into Your mouths too, with increased hurry for destruction.

Swami Sivananda

11.29 As moths hurriedly rush into a blazing fire for (their own) destruction, so also these creatures hurriedly rush into Thy mouths for (their own) destruction.


Swami Sivananda

11.29 यथा as? प्रदीप्तम् blazing? ज्वलनम् fire? पतङ्गाः moths? विशन्ति enter? नाशाय to destruction? समृद्धवेगाः with ickened speed? तथा so? एव only? नाशाय to destruction? विशन्ति enter? लोकाः creatures? तव Thy? अपि also? वक्त्राणि mouths? समृद्धवेगाः with ickened speed.No Commentary.