यद्यद्विभूतिमत्सत्त्वं श्रीमदूर्जितमेव वा |
तत्तदेवावगच्छ त्वं मम तेजोंऽशसम्भवम् ||१०-४१||


yadyadvibhūtimatsattvaṃ śrīmadūrjitameva vā .
tattadevāvagaccha tvaṃ mama tejoṃśasambhavam ||10-41||



10.41. Whatsoever being exists with the manifesting power, and with beauty and vigour, be sure that it is born only of a bit of My illuminant.

Shri Purohit Swami

10.41 Whatever is glorious, excellent, beautiful and mighty, be assured that it comes from a fragment of My splendour.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

10.41 See Comment under 10.42

Sri Ramanuja

10.41 Whatever host of beings has ‘power’, namely the capacity and means to rule over; has ‘splendour’, has beauty or prosperity in wealth, grains etc., has ’energy,’ namely, is engaged in auspicious undertakings - know such manifestations as coming fro a fragment of My ‘power’. Power (Tejas) is the capacity to overcome opposition. The meaning is, know them as arising from a fraction of My inconceivable power of subduing.

Sri Shankaracharya

10.41 Yat yat, whatever; sattvam, object in the world; is eva, verily; vibhutimat, endowed with majesty; srimad, possessed of prosperity; va, or; is urjitam, energetic, possessed of vigour; tvam, you; avagaccha, know; eva, for certain; tat tat, each of them; as mama tejomsa-sambhavam, having a part (amsa) of My (mama), of God’s, power (teja) as its source (sambhavam).

Swami Adidevananda

10.41 Whatever being is possessed of power, or of splendour, or of energy, know that as coming from a fragment of My power.

Swami Gambirananda

10.41 Whatever object [All living beings] is verily endowed with majesty, possessed of prosperity, or is energetic, you know for certain each of them as having a part of My power as its source.

Swami Sivananda

10.41 Whatever being there is glorious, prosperous or powerful, that know thou to be a manifestation of a part of My splendour.


Swami Sivananda

10.41 यत् यत् whatever? विभूतिमत् glorious? सत्त्वम् being? श्रीमत् prosperous? ऊर्जितम् powerful? एव also? वा or? तत् तत् that? एव only? अवगच्छ know? त्वम् thou? मम My? तेजोंऽशसंभवम् a manifestation of a part of My splendour.No Commentary.