आयुधानामहं वज्रं धेनूनामस्मि कामधुक् |
प्रजनश्चास्मि कन्दर्पः सर्पाणामस्मि वासुकिः ||१०-२८||


āyudhānāmahaṃ vajraṃ dhenūnāmasmi kāmadhuk .
prajanaścāsmi kandarpaḥ sarpāṇāmasmi vāsukiḥ ||10-28||



10.28. Of the weapons, I am the Vajra [of Indra]; of the cows, I am the Wish-fullfilling Cow [of the heaven]; of the progenitors, I am Kandarpa (the god-of-love); of the serpents, I am Vasuki.

Shri Purohit Swami

10.28 I am the Thunderbolt among weapons; of cows I am the Cow of Plenty, I am Passion in those who procreate, and I am the Cobra among serpents.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

10.28 See Comment under 10.42

Sri Ramanuja

10.26 - 10.29 Of trees I am Asvattha which is worthy of worship. Of celestial seers I am Narada. Kamadhuk is the divine cow. I am Kandarpa, the cause of progeny. Sarpas are single-headed snakes while Nagas are many-headed snakes. Aatic creatures are known as Yadamsi. Of them I am Varuna. Of subdures, I am Yama, the son of the sun-god.

Sri Shankaracharya

10.28 Ayudhanam, among weapons; I am the vajram, thunderbolt, made of the bones of (the sage) Dadhici. Dhenunam, among milch cows; I am kama-dhuk, Kamadhenu, which was the yielder of all desires of (the sage) Vasistha; or it means a cow in general which gives milk at all times. I am Kandarpa, prajanah, the Progenitor, (the god) Kama (Cupid). Sarpanam, among serpents, among the various serpents, I am Vasuki, the kind of serpents.

Swami Adidevananda

10.28 Of weapons, I am Vajra (thnderbolt). Of cows, I am Kamadhuk. I am Kandarpa, the cause of progeny. Of serpents, I am Vasuki.

Swami Gambirananda

10.28 Among weapons I am the thunderbolt; among cows I am kamadhenu. I am Kandarpa, the Progenitor, and among serpents I am Vasuki.

Swami Sivananda

10.28 Among weapons I am the thunderbolt; among cows I am the wish-fulfilling cow called Kamadhenu; I am the progenitor, the god of love; among serpents I am Vasuki.


Swami Sivananda

10.28 आयुधानम् among weapons? अहम् I? वज्रम् the thunderbolt? धेनूनाम् among cows? अस्मि (I) am? कामधुक् kamadhenu? the heavenly cow which yiedls all desires? प्रजनः the progenitro? च and? अस्मि (I) am? कन्दर्पः Kandarpa (Kamadeva)? सर्पाणाम् among serpents? अस्मि (I) am? वासुकिः Vasuki.Commentary Vajram the thunderbolt weapon made of the bones of Dadhichi an implement of warfare which can only be handled by Indra who has fininshed a hundred sacrifices.Kamadhuk The cow Kamadhenu of the great sage Vasishtha which yielded all the desired objects? also born of the ocean of milk.Kandarpa Cupid.Vasuki The Lord of hoodless or ordinary serpents.Sarpa (serpent) has only one head. Vasuki is yellowcoloured. Nagas have many heads. Ananta is firecoloured.Sridhara says that the Sarpa is poisonous and the Naga is nonpoisonous. Sri Ramanuja says that Sarpa has only one head and Naga has many heads.