आदित्यानामहं विष्णुर्ज्योतिषां रविरंशुमान् |
मरीचिर्मरुतामस्मि नक्षत्राणामहं शशी ||१०-२१||


ādityānāmahaṃ viṣṇurjyotiṣāṃ raviraṃśumān .
marīcirmarutāmasmi nakṣatrāṇāmahaṃ śaśī ||10-21||



10.21. Of the sons of Aditi, I am Visnu; of the luminaries, the radiant Sun; of the Maruts, I am Marici; of the stars, I am the Moon.

Shri Purohit Swami

10.21 Of all the creative Powers I am the Creator, of luminaries the Sun; the Whirlwind among the winds, and the Moon among planets.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

10.21 See Comment under 10.42

Sri Ramanuja

10.21 Of Adityas, who are twelve in number, I am the twelfth Aditya, called Visnu, who is paramount. Of luminuous bodies, namely, among luminaries in the world, I am the sun, the most brilliant luminary. Of Maruts I am the paramount Marici. Of constellations, I am the moon. The genitive case here is not to specify one out of many included in a group. Its use is the same as what is exemplifed in the statement ‘I am the consciousness in all beings’ (10.22). I am the moon who is the Lord of the constellations.

Sri Shankaracharya

10.21 Adityanam, among the twelve Adityas; aham, I; am the Aditya called Visnu. Jyotisam, among the luminaries; amsuman, the radiant; ravih, sun. Marutam, among the different gods called Maruts; asmi, I am; the one called Marici. Naksatranam, among the stars; I am sasi, the moon.

Swami Adidevananda

10.21 Of Adityas I am Visnu, of luminous bodies I am the radiant sun. Of the Maruts I am Marici, and among the constellations I am the moon.

Swami Gambirananda

10.21 Among the Adityas [viz Dhata, Mitra, aryama, Rudra, Varuna, Surya, Bhaga, Vivasvan, Pusa, Savita, Tvasta and Visnu.-Tr.] I am Visnu; among the luminaries, the radiant sun; among the (forty-nine) Maruts [The seven groups of Maruts are Avaha, Pravaha, Vivaha, Paravaha, Udvaha, Samvaha and parivaha.-Tr.] I am Marici; among the stars I am the moon.

Swami Sivananda

10.21 Among the (twelve) Adityas, I am Vishnu; among luminaries, the radiant sun; I am Marichi among the (seven or forty-nine) Maruts; among stars the moon am I.


Swami Sivananda

10.21 आदित्यानम् among the Adityas? अहम् I? विष्णुः Vishnu? ज्योतिषाम् among lights? रविः the sun? अंशुमान् radiant? मरीचिः Marichi? मरुताम् of the Maruts (winds)? अस्मि (I) am? नक्षत्राणाम् among the stars? अहम् I? शशी the moon.Commentary Of the twelve Adityas I am the Aditya known as Vishnu? Dhata? Mitra? Aryama? Rudra? Varuna? Bhaga? Surya? Vivasvan? Pusham? Savita? Tvashta and Vishnu are the twelve Adityas. The twelve months of the year are the Adityas.The Maruts are the gods controlling the winds. Some hold that there are seven of them while others say there are fortynine.The twelve Adityas? the luminaries like Agni? lightning? etc.? the Maruts? the stars? etc.? are the Samanya Vibhutis (ordinary manifestations) of the Lord. Vishnu? the sun? Marichi? and the moon are His Visesha Vibhutis (special manifestations) and hence they have greater splendour in them.You can superimpose the Lord on the sun and the moon? and meditate on them as forms of the Lord. You can practise the same kind of meditation on all forms mentioned in the following verses of this chapter.