तेषामेवानुकम्पार्थमहमज्ञानजं तमः |
नाशयाम्यात्मभावस्थो ज्ञानदीपेन भास्वता ||१०-११||


teṣāmevānukampārthamahamajñānajaṃ tamaḥ .
nāśayāmyātmabhāvastho jñānadīpena bhāsvatā ||10-11||



10.11. Out of compassion only towards these men, I, who remain as their very Self, destroy with teh shining light of wisdom, their darkness born of ignorance,

Shri Purohit Swami

10.11 By My grace, I live in their hearts; and I dispel the darkness of ignorance by the shining light of wisdom.

Sri Abhinav Gupta

10.9-11 Maharsaya etc., upto bhasvata. Through the process of mutual enlightening, the wisdom-shock is transmitted to each other. On account of that, they get the all-inclusive [knowledge] ‘Indeed all sentient subjects are only a single Absolute Lord’. By means of this extensive pervasion, they easily come to realise their own Self as Omnipotent and omnipresent and by that they attain the Absolute Lordship. This is the idea here.

Sri Ramanuja

10.11 To show favour to them alone, abiding in their mental activity, i.e., established as the object of thought in their mind, and manifesting the host of My auspicious attributes by the brillinat lamp called knowledge relating to Me, - I dispel the darkness incompatible with knowledge. This darkness is born of ignorance in the form of old Karma consisting of attachment to objects other than Myself, to which they were previously habituated.

Thus having heard of the Lord as having a host of auspicious attributes, and of the extent of His sovereign glories which are unie and different from all others and which generate unsurpassed bliss in listeners, - Arjuna desired to listen to the details about them and said:

Sri Shankaracharya

10.11 Anukampartham, out of compassion; tesam eva, for them alone, anxious as to how they may have bliss; aham, I; atmabhavasthah, residing in their hearts-atmabhavah means the seat that is the heart; being seated there itself; nasayami, destroy; tamah, the darkness; ajnanajam, born of ignorance, originating from non-discrimination, the darkness of delusion known as false comprehension; jnana-dipena, with the lamp of Knowledge, in the form of discriminating comprehension; i.e. bhasvata, with the luminous lamp of Knowledge-fed by the oil of divine grace resulting from devotion, fanned by the wind of intensity of meditation on Me, having the wick of the intellect imbued with the impressions arising from such disciplines as celibacy etc., in the receptacle of the detached mind, placed in the windless shelter of the mind withdrawn from objects and untainted by likes and dislikes, and made luminous by full Illumination resulting from the practice of constant concentration and meditation. After hearing the above-described majesty and yoga of the Lord,

Swami Adidevananda

10.11 Out of compassion for them alone, I, abiding in their mental activity as its object, dispel the darkness born of ignorance by the brilliant lamp of knowledge.

Swami Gambirananda

10.11 Out of compassion for them alone, I, residing in their hearts, destroy the darkness born of ignorance with the luminous lamp of Knowledge.

Swami Sivananda

10.11 Out of mere compassion for them, I, dwelling within their Self, destroy the darkness born of ignorance by the luminous lamp of knowledge.


Swami Sivananda

10.11 तेषाम् for them? एव mere? अनुकम्पार्थम् out of compassion? अहम् I? अज्ञानजम् born of ignorance? तमः darkness? नाशयामि (I) destroy? आत्मभावस्थः dwelling within their self? ज्ञानदीपेन by the lamp of knowledge? भास्वता luminous.Commentary Luminous lamp of knowledge The Lord dwells in the heart of the devotees who constantly think of Him and destroys the veil or the darkness born of ignorance due to the absence of discrimination? by the luminous lamp of knowledge fed by the oil of pure devotion? fanned by the wind of profound meditation on Him? provided with the wick of right intuition? generated by the constant cultivation of celibacy? piety and other divine virtues held in the chambers of the heart free from worldliness? placed in the innermost recesses of the mind free from the wind of senseattractions (withdrawn from the objects of the senses) and untainted by likes and dislikes? and shining with the light of knowledge of the Self caused by the constant practice of meditation.The lamp is not in need of an instrument or means or any sort of practice for the removal of darkness. The generation of the light itself is ite sufficient to remove the darkness. As soon as the darkness is removed by the light? the pot? the chair and the other articles are seen. Even so the dawn of knowledge of the Self itself is ite sufficient to remove ignorance. No other Karma or,practice is necessary. After the ignorance is removed by the knowledge of the Self? Brahman alone shines in Its pristine glory.