Mithila Madhya Parikrama

!Mithila Madhya Parikrama Marg Mithila) Madhya Parikrama ( मिथिला मध्य परिक्रमा ) is an annual periodic journey of the central part of the ancient Mithila. It is held every year between the months of Kartik ( October–November ), Falgun ( February–March ) and Baishakh ( April–May ). But nowadays only Falgun ( February–March ) journey is famous. It is a circular journey of the central part of the Ancient Mithila. It covers a distance of 128 km circular path. It is mentioned in the epic Mithila Mahatmya which was composed in the 18th century.


According to the third chapter of the epic Mithila Mahatmya there are three Hindu calendar months Kartik ( कार्तिक ), Falgun ( फाल्गुन ) and Baishakh ( बैशाख ) in which this circular journey can be done. It covers circuit path of 128 km distance between India and Nepal both countries. Mithila Parikrama is of three types. They are Brihat Mithila Parikrama, Mithila Madhya Parikrama and Antargrih Parikrama. Brihat Mithila Parikrama covers 84 Kosh distance of ancient Indian distance measuring system, so it is also called as Chaurasi Kosh Parikrama ( चौरासी कोश परिक्रमा ). It covers area of Mithila near Ganga river, Gandak river, Himalaya and Koshi river. It covers very large distance. Mithila Madhya Parikrama is smaller than the Brihat Mithila Parikrama. It starts from Kachuri village of Dhanusha district of Mithila) region in Nepal and traveling the part of Mithila region in India, it ends at Janaki Mandir in Janakpur, Nepal. According to the text, it should be travelled within only five days but the Pandits of Mithila extended the period of time and determined it for 15 days journey, so that the journey for old and disabled people would be easier. It starts from the day of Amavasya in the Hindu calendar month of Falgun and end on the day of Purnima or the Hindu festival Holi. On the day of Hindu festival Holi, an internal circumambulation of the holy city of Janakpur is also performed by the travellers which is known as Antargrih Parikrama. It covers approximately 8 km long circular path of the city of Janakpur in Nepal.

  • Kachuri: In the early days, the sedan (Dola) of Lord Rama used to start journey from Agnikund located in Janakpur, Nepal for the circumambulation. Agnikund was the place of Yajnsthali of Videha Raj. After the death of Mahant of Agnikund, the Mahant Ram Naresh Sharan of Kachuridham shifted it to Kachuridham. Since then the sedan (Dola) of the Lord Rama started coming out of Kachuridham. This place is in Nepal.
  • Hanumangadhi: After leaving the dola from Kachuridham, it first reaches Janak’s court. From there, devotees take night rest at Hanumangarhi on the first day with Kishoriji’s Dola. It is believed that in Treta Yuga, Bajrang Bali used to guard the gates of Janakpurdham. Hence this place is known as Hanumangarhi.
  • Kalyaneshwar Sthan is very famous temple near Indo-Nepal border in Harlakhi block area . King Janak had established Kalyaneshwar Mahadev temple at this entrance of ancient Mithila Dham. The rest of the second day’s journey takes place at this place. The resolution of the journey also takes place at this place.
  • Girja Sthan Phulhar is the place where Sita used to come daily to worship goddess Girja. There was flower garden in which Sita and Lord Rama saw each other for the first time. Hence the name of this place later became Fulhar ( Phulhar ).
  • Lakshminarayan Math, Matihani.jpgani is located on the Indo-Nepal border near Madhwapur block. This place is quite famous for Mithila Madhya Parikrama. Soil was brought from this place for Matkor in the marriage ceremony of Mata Sita and Lord Shri Ram. Due to this the place got its name Matihani. Pancheshwar Nath Mahadev Mandir is very famous temple of Lord Shiva near it.
  • Jaleshwar Mahadev Temple front view.jpghwar Sthan is famous for Lord Shiva temple existing from King Janaka period in Mithila. It was one of the gate of capital city of Mithila.
  • Marai Sthan
  • Dhruvkund
  • Kanchanvan
  • Chhireshwar Mahadev
  • Dhanushadham Govindapur Janakpur Dhanusha Nepal Rajesh Dhungana (9).jpgsha
  • Satoshar Sthan
  • Karuna
  • Vishwamitra Ashram Visaul
  • Janki Mandir of Janakpur Dham(Nepal).jpgpur Dham There are 15 major locations in the holy path of Mithila Madhya Parikrama.