List of numbers in Hindu scriptures

The Hindu scriptures contain many numerical descriptions concerning distances, durations and numbers of items in the universe as seen from the perspective of Hindu cosmology.


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PropertyNumber or measurement
Distance from Satyaloka to Vishnuloka (Brahmaloka-sanatana, abode of Brahma)26,200,000 yojanas (209,600,000 miles)
Distance from Dhruvaloka (the pole star) to the Sun3,800,000 yojanas
Distance from Dhruvaloka to Maharloka10,000,000 yojanas
Distance from Maharloka to Janaloka20,000,000 yojanas
Distance from Janaloka to Tapoloka80,000,000 yojanas
Distance from Tapoloka to Satyaloka120,000,000 yojanas
Distance from the Sun to Satyaloka233,800,000 yojanas (1,870,400,000 miles)
Covering of the Universe260,000,000 yojanas (2,080,000,000 miles) away from the Sun{, each covering layer is 10 times bigger than previous
Distance from the Sun to the Earth12,000,000 yojanas(1.47×108km)(92 million miles)
Distance from lower planets to Śesha Nāga lying on the Garbhodaka Ocean30,000 yojanas
Depth of Garbhodaka ocean249,800,000 yojanas deep
Total diameter of the Universeapproximately 500,000,000 yojanas, or 4,000,000,000 miles
Distance from planet Rāhu to the Sun10,000 yojanas (80,000 miles)
Distance from Rāhu to planets of the Siddhas, Cāranas and Vidyādharas1,000,000 yojanas
Distance from the Earth to the lower planetary systems — Atala), Vitala, Sutala, Talātala, Mahātala, Rasātala and Pātāla70,000 yojanas
Number of kinds of material bodies for soul, jivaatma) (or species of life) in material world8,400,000
* Number of species living in the water900,000
* Number of kinds of sthāvara (non-moving living entities such as trees and plants)2,000,000
* Number of species of insects and reptiles1,100,000
* Number of species of birds1,000,000
* Number of varieties of quadrupeds3,000,000
* Number of human species400,000
Number of Manus who manifest in one kalpa) (one day of Brahmā)fourteen Manus
Duration of one day of Brahmā1,000 chatur-yugas (4.32 billion years)
Number of Manus who manifest during one month of Brahmā420 Manus
Number of Manus who manifest during one year of Brahmā5,040 Manus
Number of Manus who manifest during the lifetime of one Brahmā504,000 Manus
Total duration of four yugas (Satya+Treta+Dvapara+Kali)4,320,000 years
Number of the present Manu (Vaivasvata Manu)7th Manu
Age of our (Vaivasvata) Manu27 chatur-yugas [27 x 4,320,000 solar years]
Number of planetary systems in this Brahmanda (material universe)14
Duration of 100 years of Brahma (his lifetime duration)311,040,000,000,000 years
Duration of one manvantara, the lifespan of one Manuseventy-one chatur-yugas (=71*4,320,000 years)
Duration of Satya yuga1,728,000 years
Duration of Tretā-yuga1,296,000 years
Duration of Dvāpara-yuga864,000 years
Duration of Kali-yuga432,000 years
Duration of lifetime of human in Satya yugaaround 100,000 years.
Duration of lifetime of human in Tretā-yugaaround 10,000 years
Duration of lifetime of human in Dvāpara-yugaaround 1,000 years.
Duration of lifetime of human in Kali-yugaaround 100 years which will be reduced gradually to 20 years )
Time passed after beginning of Kali-yuga (Battle of Kurukṣetra)0 years as of 2023 CE (See Kali Yuga)
Steeds of Indra1,100
Spiritual benefits of following Janmashtami Vows (fasting etc.)One … becomes freed from the sins of ten million births.
Frequency with which Krishna descends to this planetevery 8,640,000,000 years (once in a day of Brahma)
Happiness of liberation into impersonal Brahman (brahmajyoti) compared with happiness of devotional service to BhagavanBhakti is trillion-fold better than impersonalism

Note: Where distances are given in yojana a rough equivalent is sometimes given in miles calculated at 8 miles to the yojana. The actual length of the yojana varied throughout its period of use between 4 and 9 miles.

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