Kriya Yoga Express

nameKriya Yoga Express
operatorSouth Eastern Railways
stops7 in both directions
distance421 km
journeytime09 Hours as 18615 Howrah–Hatia Express, 08 Hours 50 Minutes as 18616 Hatia–Howrah Express
classAC First Class, AC 2 Tier, AC 3 Tier, AC 3 Tier Economy, Sleeper class, General Unreserved
cateringNo pantry car attached
stockLHB coach
trainnumber18615 / 18616
speed130 km/h maximum, 47 km/h including halts

The Kriya Yoga Express, formerly known as Howrah–Hatia Express, is an express Indian Railways train in India’s South Eastern Railway zone that runs between and, serving the Indian states of West Bengal and Jharkhand. It operates as train number 18615 from Howrah Junction to Hatia Junction and as train number 18616 in the reverse direction.

On 21 June 2015, the first International Day of Yoga, the Kriya Yoga Express adopted this name to commemorate the contributions of Kriya Yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda in spreading the teaching and preactice of yoga worldwide. This train had been instrumental in the life and spiritual journey of Paramahansa.


!18616 - Hatia Howrah Kriya Yoga Express on platform 22 in howrah junction|||LHB coach of Kriya Yoga Express. !Howrah Hatia Express - AC 3 tier|||Howrah Hatia Express – AC 3 tier !Howrah Hatia Express - Sleeper Class|||Howrah Hatia Express – Sleeper Class The 18615 / 16 Kriyayoga Express presently has 1 AC First Class, 2 AC 2 Tier, 4 AC 3 Tier, 3 AC 3 Tier Economy, 8 Sleeper Class, 2 General Unreserved & 2 EOG Coaches. One of the EOG Coach is used for Railway Mail Service. It does not carry a pantry car.


The 18615 Kriyayoga Express covers the distance of 421 kilometres in 09 Hours (47km/hr) & in 08 Hours 50 Mins as 18616 Hatia–Howrah Express (47km/hr).

As the average speed of the train is below 55 km/h, as per Indian Railways rules, its fare does not include a Superfast surcharge.


The 18615 / 16 Kriya Yoga Express runs from Howrah Junction via, , , to Hatia.

It reverses direction of travel at Muri Junction.


As the route is fully electrified, a -based WAP-7 powers the train for its entire journey.


18615 Kriyayoga Express leaves Howrah Junction on a daily basis at 21:30hrs IST and reaches Hatia at 06:30hrs IST the next day.

18616 Kriyayoga Express leaves Hatia on a daily basis at 21:40hrs IST and reaches Howrah Junction at 06:30hrs IST the next day.