Sadasiva (Sanskrit: सदाशिव, Sadāśiva, Tamil: சதாசிவம் ), is the Supreme Being, also known as Paramashiva, in the Shaiva Siddhanta tradition of Shaivism

Sadasiva is the omnipotent, subtle, luminous absolute, the highest manifestation of Shiva

Sadasiva blesses with Anugraha and Vilaya, or grace and illusion, which are the fourth and fifth of the Panchakritya, or “five holy acts” of Shiva

Sadasiva is usually depicted having five faces and ten hands, is also considered one of the 25 Maheshwara murtams of Shiva

Shiva Agamas conclude that the Shiva Lingam, especially the Mukhalingam, is another form of Sadasiva