Rudra (; Sanskrit: रुद्र) is a Rigvedic deity associated with wind or storm, Vayu and the hunt

One translation of the name is ’the roarer'

In the Rigveda, Rudra is praised as the ‘mightiest of the mighty’

Rudra means “who eradicates problems from their roots”

Depending upon the periodic situation, Rudra can mean ’the most severe roarer/howler’ (could be a hurricane or tempest) or ’the most frightening one'

This name appears in the Shiva Sahasranama, and R


Sharma notes that it is used as a name of Shiva often in later languages

The Shri Rudram hymn from the Yajurveda is dedicated to Rudra and is important in the Saivism sect

In Prathama anuvaka of Namakam (Taittiriya Samhita 4

5), Sri Rudram the ‘mightiest of the mighty’ Rudra, is revered as Sadasiva (means ‘mighty shiva’) and Mahadeva

Sadashiva, is the Supreme Being Lord Paramashiva in the Mantra marga Siddhanta sect of Shaivism

Also, the name siva is used plenty of times in the same Anuvaka for invoking Rudra