Prajña or Pragya (Sanskrit: प्रज्ञ) as प्रज्ञा, प्राज्ञ and प्राज्ञा is used to refer to the highest and purest form of wisdom, intelligence and understanding. Pragya is the state of wisdom which is higher than the knowledge obtained by reasoning and inference.

The Sanskrit word प्रज्ञ (Prajña) is the combination of “प्र (pra-)” which prefix means – before, forward, fulfiller, and used as the intensifier but rarely as a separate word and “ज्ञ (jna)” which means - knowing or familiar with. प्रज्ञ (Prajña), meaning - wise, prudent, knowing, conversant with, is the root of प्राज्ञ (Prājña) meaning – wise, learned man, intellectual, clever, intelligence dependent on individuality; प्रज्ञा (Prajñā) meaning – intelligence, judgement, mental attitude, particular shakti or energy, insight, mental disposition, true or transcendental wisdom, awareness, mentality, understanding, discrimination, knowledge; and प्राज्ञा (Prājñā) meaning – understanding, intelligence.

In the state of deep sleep, the Atman, limited by Prana, the vital breath, is called Prājña.