Parashakti (IAST: Paraśakti, Sanskrit: पराशक्ति) or Parā is one of the three chief goddesses in Trika system of Kashmir Shaivism along with Aparā and Parparā

In Siddhantic perspective, Parashakti is the counterpart of Paramshiva

Paramshiva is used to describe the ultimate form of Shiva

Parashakti is the power of this primordial Shiva, who is emanated by Paramshiva

Adi Parashakti is used to describe the ultimate form of Parvati

Parashakti is all-pervasive, pure consciousness, power and primal substance of all that exists and it has Mahamaya-form unlike Parashiva which is formless

A Parashakti as the supreme being of puranic Shaktism and of Sri Vidya obtained the name Adi Parashakti and Maheshvari-Devi