Panchamrita (Sanskrit: पञ्चामृत, five Amṛtas) is a mixture of five foods used in Hindu as well as Jain worship and puja and Abhiṣeka It is often used as an offering during pooja post which it is distributed as prasad

There are regional variations in the ingredients used

In Nepal and North India, usually honey or sugar, cow milk, curd and ghee are used as the main ingredients

In Tamil Nadu, Panchamirtham (Tamil: பஞ்சாமிர்தம்) is a mixture of banana, ghee, honey, jaggery and cardamom

In addition, other substances like seedless dates and sugar candies are added

Keralites may also include tender coconut

Some recipes also include grapes

Palani Dhandayuthapani temple located in Tamil Nadu is popular for its unique panchamirtham which uses Virupatchi hill bananas grown in the surrounding Palani hills

It received its unique Geographical indication in 2019 from the Government of India