Namdev (Pronunciation: [naːmdeʋ]), also transliterated as Nam Dayv, Namdeo, Namadeva, (traditionally, c

 26 October 1270 – c

 3 July 1350) was a Marathi Hindu poet and saint from Narsi, Hingoli, Maharashtra, India within the Varkari tradition of Hinduism

He lived as a devotee of Lord Vitthal (Krishna) of Pandharpur

The details of Namdev’s life are unclear

He is the subject of many miracle-filled hagiographies composed centuries after he died

Scholars find these biographies to be inconsistent and contradictory

Namdev was influenced by Vaishnavism and became widely known in India for his devotional songs set to music (bhajan-kirtans)

His philosophy contains both nirguna and saguna Brahman elements, with monistic themes

Namdev’s legacy is remembered in modern times in the Varkari tradition, along with those of other gurus, with masses of people walking together in biannual pilgrimages to Pandharpur in south Maharashtra

He is also recognised in the North Indian traditions of the Dadu Panthis, Kabir Panthis and Sikhs

Some hymns of Namdev are included in the Guru Granth Sahib