Mahātmā () is a honorific that in Sanskrit means “great soul” (महात्मा mahātmā: महा mahā ‘great’ + आत्मा ātmā ‘soul’)

The term is commonly used for Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who is often referred to simply as “Mahatma Gandhi”

Albeit less frequently, this epithet is also been used with regard to such people as Basava (1131–1167), Swami Shraddhananda (1856–1926), Lalon Shah (1772–1890), Ayyankali (1863–1941), and Jyotirao Phule (1827–1890)

The term mahātmā has also been historically used for a class of religious scholars in Jainism; for the selected religious leaders in Theosophy; and for local religious teachers in the Divine Light Mission church