The Gandaberunda or Berunda (Kannada: ಗಂಡಭೇರುಂಡ gaṇḍabheruṇḍa), or Bheruṇḍa (Sanskrit: भेरुण्ड, lit

terrible) is a two-headed bird in Hindu mythology, believed to possess immense magical strength

It is a form of Vishnu to fight Sharabha, a form of Shiva created to destroy Vishnu’s lion-man Narasimha avatar

It was the emblem of the erstwhile Kingdom of Mysore under the Wodeyar kings, and after India attained independence, it was retained by Mysore state as its emblem

That state was enlarged in 1956 and renamed Karnataka in 1973, and the Gandabherunda continues to be the official state emblem of Karnataka

It is used as the official emblem of the Karnataka state government because it is a symbol of strength

It is believed to be capable of fighting the forces of destruction

It appears as an intricately carved sculpture motif in Hindu temples