Ānanda Mārga (“The Path of Bliss”, also spelled Anand Marg and Ananda Marg) or officially Ānanda Mārga Pracāraka Saṃgha (organization for the propagation of the path of bliss), is a world-wide socio-spiritual organisation founded in Jamalpur, Bihar, India, in 1955 by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, known as Sri Sri Anandamurti

It is also the name of the philosophy and life-style propounded by Sarkar, described as a practical means of personal development and the transformation of society

It is established in more than 180 countries across the world

Tantra yoga, as interpreted by Sarkar, serves as the foundation of Ananda Marga

According to his teachings, Tantra means liberation from darkness through the expansion of mind

Meditation is the main spiritual practice of this tantric tradition, which assists the practitioner to overcome weaknesses and imperfections

The path to liberation in Ananda Marga is free of religious dogmas, superstitions, artificial social barriers and ritualism

Ananda Marga recognizes spirituality and liberation as the birth right of every individual irrespective of one’s race, caste, creed, nationality, gender, socio-economic status or belief system

The basis of Ananda Marga practice is covered by a set of rules called the ‘Sixteen Points’ that guide the practitioner on both spiritual and social aspects

It consist of yoga asanas, mudras, bandhas, pranayama, self-massage and two specific dances, kaos’ikii and tandava

Lacto-vegetarian diet and fasting are also included as a fundamental part of yogic practice

The goal of Ananda Marga is “self-realization and the welfare of all”