Aditi Sanskrit: अदिति, lit

‘boundless’ or ’limitless’ or ‘innocence’) is singlehandedly the most influential and important Vedic goddess in Hinduism

She is the personification of the sprawling infinite and vast cosmos

She is the goddess of the earth, sky, unconsciousness, the past, the future and fertility

She is the mother of the celestial deities the Adityas, and is referred to as the mother of many gods

As celestial mother of every existing form and being, the synthesis of all things, she is associated with space (akasa) and with mystic speech (Vāc)

She may be seen as a feminized form of Brahma and associated with the primal substance (mulaprakriti) in Vedanta

She is mentioned more than 250 times in the Rigveda, out of praise, admiration, and respect

Aditi has an affinity for requesting male rights to be abolished