Rig Veda Book 8 Hymn 58 यं रत्विजो बहुधा कल्पयन्तः सचेतसो यज्ञमिमं वहन्ति | यो अनूचानो बराह्मणो युक्त आसीत का सवित तत्र यजमानस्य संवित || एक एवाग्निर्बहुधा समिद्ध एकः सूर्यो विश्वमनु परभूतः | एकैवोषाः सर्वमिदं वि भात्येकं वा इदंवि बभूव सर्वम || जयोतिष्मन्तं केतुमन्तं तरिचक्रं सुखं रथं सुषदं भूरिवारम | चित्रामघा यस्य योगे.अधिजज्ञे तं वां हुवेति रिक्तं पिबध्यै ||

yaṃ ṛtvijo bahudhā kalpayantaḥ sacetaso yajñamimaṃ vahanti | yo anūcāno brāhmaṇo yukta āsīt kā svit tatra yajamānasya saṃvit || eka evāghnirbahudhā samiddha ekaḥ sūryo viśvamanu prabhūtaḥ | ekaivoṣāḥ sarvamidaṃ vi bhātyekaṃ vā idaṃvi babhūva sarvam || jyotiṣmantaṃ ketumantaṃ tricakraṃ sukhaṃ rathaṃ suṣadaṃ bhūrivāram | citrāmaghā yasya yoghe.adhijajñe taṃ vāṃ huveati riktaṃ pibadhyai ||


Rig Veda

  1. I SEND you forth the song of praise for Indu, hero-gladdener. With hymn and plenty he invites you to complete the sacrifice. 2 Thou wishest for thy kine a bull, for those who long for his approach, For those who turn away from him, lord of thy cows whom none may kill. 3 The dappled kine who stream with milk prepare his draught of Soma juice: Clans in the birth-place of the Gods, in the three luminous realms of heaven. 4 Praise, even as he is known, with song Indra the guardian of the kine, The Son of Truth, Lord of the brave. 5 Hither his Bay Steeds have been sent, red Steeds are on the sacred grass,, Where we in concert sing our songs. 6 For Indra Thunder-armed the kine have yielded mingled milk and meath, What time he found them in the vault. 7 When I and Indra mount on high up to the Bright One’s place and home, We, having drunk of meath, will reach his seat whose Friends are three times seven. 8 Sing, sing ye forth your songs of praise, ye Briyamedhas, sing your songs: Yea, let young children sing their lauds as a strong castle praise ye him. 9 Now loudly let the viol sound, the lute send out its voice with might, Shrill be, the music of the string. To Indra. is the hymn up-raised. 10 When hither speed the dappled cows, unflinching, easy to be milked, Seize quickly, as it bursts away, the Soma juice for Indra’s drink. 11 Indra hath drunk, Agni hath drunk. all Deities have drunk their fill. Here Varuṇa shall have his home, to whom the floods have sung aloud as mother-kine unto their calves. 12 Thou, Varuṇa, to whom belong Seven Rivers, art a glorious God. The waters flow into thy throat as ’twere a pipe with ample mouth. 13 He who hath made the fleet steeds spring, well-harnessed, to the worshipper, He, the swift Guide, is that fair form that loosed the horses near at hand. 14 Indra, the very Mighty, holds his enemies in utter scorn. He, far away, and yet a child, cleft the cloud smitten by his voice. 15 He, yet a boy exceeding small, mounted his newly-fashioned car. He for his Mother and his Sire cooked the wild mighty buffalo. 16 Lord of the home, fair-helmeted, ascend thy chariot wrought of gold. We will attend the Heavenly One, the thousand-footed, red of hue, matchless, who blesses where he goes. 17 With reverence they come hitherward to him as to. a Sovran lord, That they may bring him near for this man’s good success, to prosper and bestow his gifts. 18 The Priyamedhas have observed the offering of the men of old, Of ancient custom, while they strewed the sacred grass, and spread their sacrificial food.