Mandukya Karika, verse 1.9


भोगार्थं सृष्टिरित्यन्ये क्रीडार्थमिति चापरे ।
देवस्यैष स्वाभावोऽयमाप्तकामस्य का स्पृहा ॥ ९ ॥

bhogārthaṃ sṛṣṭirityanye krīḍārthamiti cāpare |
devasyaiṣa svābhāvo'yamāptakāmasya kā spṛhā || 9 ||

9. Others think that the manifestation is for the purpose of enjoyment (of God) while still others attribute it to mere diversion (on the part of God), Rut it is the very nature of the Effulgent Being (Ātman) (for), what other desire is possible for Him whose desire is always in the state of fulfilment?

Shankara Bhashya (commentary)

Others think that the purpose of manifestation is only the enjoyment (by God of the objects so created), that creation is merely a diversion of God. These two theories are refuted (by the author) by the single assertion that it is the very1 nature of the Effulgent (Brahman). Thus taking this standpoint (the nature of the Effulgent Being) all2 the theories (of creation) herein (stated) are refuted3 for the reason indicated by: “What could be the desire for manifestation on the part of Brahman whose desires are ever in a state of fulfilment?” For the rope, etc., to appear as snake, no4 other reason can be assigned than Avidyā.