न सांपरायः प्रतिभाति बालम् प्रमाद्यन्तं वित्तमोहेन मूढम् ।
अयं लोको नास्ति पर इति मानी पुनः पुनर्वशमापद्यते मे ॥ ६ ॥

na sāṃparāyaḥ pratibhāti bālam pramādyantaṃ vittamohena mūḍham |
ayaṃ loko nāsti para iti mānī punaḥ punarvaśamāpadyate me || 6 ||

6. The way to the future does not shine for the ignorant man who blunders, rendered, blind by folly caused by wealth; thinking thus ‘this world is and none other,’ be gets into my power again and again.

Shankara’s Commentary:

Therefore alone, i.e., being ignorant, the way to the other world shines not for him. Samparayah, the other world. Samparayah, some means pointed out by the Sastras and leading to the attainment of the other world; that means does not shine for the benefit of the ignorant man who is led astray, his mind being engrossed by such benefits, as son, cattle, etc., and who is enveloped by the darkness Of ignorance caused by wealth. Constantly thinking that this world alone which is perceived and which consists of women, food, drink, etc., exists, and that there is no other invisible world, he is born again and again and becomes subject to me, i.e., Death. The meaning is that he becomes subject to be tossed in grief, such as birth, death, etc., such is the world in general.