प्र ते ब्रवीमि तदु मे निबोध स्वर्ग्यमग्निं नचिकेतः प्रजानन् ।
अनन्तलोकाप्तिमथो प्रतिष्ठां विद्धि त्वमेतं निहितं गुहायाम् ॥ १४ ॥

pra te bravīmi tadu me nibodha svargyamagniṃ naciketaḥ prajānan |
anantalokāptimatho pratiṣṭhāṃ viddhi tvametaṃ nihitaṃ guhāyām || 14 ||

14. (Death says) I will tell thee well; attend to me, Oh Nachiketas, I know the fire leading to heaven; know the fire which leads to heaven and also the support of the universe and which is seated in the cavity.

Shankara’s Commentary:

This is Death’s declaration. I will tell thee what has been solicited by thee; attend to what I say with concentrated mind. I know the fire, Oh Nachiketas, which helps one to heaven; ‘I will tell thee and attend’ are expressions used to concentrate the disciple’s intellect; now he praises the fire, know this fire as leading to heaven and as the stay of the universe in its form of virat and as located in the intelligence of knowing men.