तिस्रो रात्रीर्यदवात्सीर्गृहे मेऽनश्नन्ब्रह्मन्नतिथिर्नमस्यः ।
नमस्तेऽस्तु ब्रह्मन्स्वस्ति मेऽस्तु तस्मात्प्रति त्रीन्वरान्वृणीष्व ॥ ९ ॥

tisro rātrīryadavātsīrgṛhe me’naśnanbrahmannatithirnamasyaḥ |
namaste’stu brahmansvasti me’stu tasmātprati trīnvarānvṛṇīṣva || 9 ||

9. As you have lived here. Oh Brahman, a venerable guest in my house for three nights fasting, be my prostration to you, Oh Brahman, may good befall me. Therefore, ask three boons in return.

Thus addressed, Death having approached Nachiketas worshipfully, said ‘as you have been living in my house fasting for three nights, a Brahman guest worthy of reverence, therefore be my prostration to you. Oh Brahman, therefore be good unto me and let me be freed from the sin of your having lived here fasting; although all good may befall me by your mere grace, still in order that I may propitiate you better, ask of me any three objects you wish for, one for every night you fasted.