स ईक्षतेमे नु लोका लोकपालान्नु सृजा इति ॥ सोऽद्भ्य एव पुरुषं समुद्धृत्यामूर्छयत् ॥ ३ ॥

He thought "These indeed are the are the worlds; I shall create the protectors of the worlds." He gathered the Purusha from out of the waters only and fashioned him.

Shankara’s Commentary:

Having thus created the four worlds, the places where all living beings were to enjoy the fruits of their action, He, the Lord, thought again, Indeed these worlds, Ambhas etc., created by me would perish without protectors. Therefore I shall create protectors of the worlds for the protection of these.’ Thus thinking, he from out of the waters alone, i.e., from the five elements the most important of which was water and from which he created the worlds Ambhas etc., gathered the Purusha, i. e., one in the form of a man having head etc., just as a potter gathers a lump of clay from the earth, and fashions him by giving him the appropriate limbs.