Srimad-Bhagavatam: Canto 8 - Chapter 1 - Verse 20


नेदुर्मुहुर्दुन्दुभय: सहस्रशोगन्धर्वकिम्पूरुषकिन्नरा जगु: ।मनस्विनानेन कृतं सुदुष्करंविद्वानदाद् यद् रिपवे जगत्‍त्रयम् ॥ २० ॥


nedur muhur dundubhayaḥ sahasraśogandharva-kimpūruṣa-kinnarā jaguḥmanasvinānena kṛtaṁ suduṣkaraṁvidvān adād yad ripave jagat-trayam


The Gandharvas, the Kimpuruṣas and the Kinnaras sounded thousands and thousands of kettledrums and trumpets again and again, and they sang in great jubilation, declaring, “How exalted a person is Bali Mahārāja, and what a difficult task he has performed! Even though he knew that Lord Viṣṇu was on the side of his enemies, he nonetheless gave the Lord the entire three worlds in charity.”