Srimad-Bhagavatam: Canto 6 - Chapter 1 - Verse 13


एषामनुध्येयपदाब्जयुग्मंजगद्गुरुं मङ्गलमङ्गलं स्वयम् ।य: क्षत्रबन्धु: परिभूय सूरीन्प्रशास्ति धृष्टस्तदयं हि दण्ड्य: ॥ १३ ॥


eṣām anudhyeya-padābja-yugmaṁjagad-guruṁ maṅgala-maṅgalaṁ svayamyaḥ kṣatra-bandhuḥ paribhūya sūrīnpraśāsti dhṛṣṭas tad ayaṁ hi daṇḍyaḥ


This Citraketu is the lowest of kṣatriyas, for he has impudently overridden Brahmā and the other demigods by insulting Lord Śiva, upon whose lotus feet they always meditate. Lord Śiva is personified religion and the spiritual master of the entire world, and therefore Citraketu must be punished.


All the members of the assembly were exalted brāhmaṇas and self-realized souls, but they did not say anything about the conduct of Lord Śiva, who was embracing the goddess Pārvatī on his lap. Citraketu nonetheless criticized Lord Śiva, and therefore the opinion of Pārvatī was that he should be punished.