Srimad-Bhagavatam: Canto 4 - Chapter 1 - Verse 5


अथापि यूयं कृतकिल्बिषा भवंये बर्हिषो भागभाजं परादु: ।प्रसादयध्वं परिशुद्धचेतसाक्षिप्रप्रसादं प्रगृहीताङ्‌घ्रि:पद्मम् ॥ ५ ॥


athāpi yūyaṁ kṛta-kilbiṣā bhavaṁye barhiṣo bhāga-bhājaṁ parāduḥprasādayadhvaṁ pariśuddha-cetasākṣipra-prasādaṁ pragṛhītāṅghri-padmam


You have excluded Lord Śiva from taking part in the sacrificial results, and therefore you are all offenders at his lotus feet. Still, if you go without mental reservations and surrender unto him and fall down at his lotus feet, he will be very pleased.


Lord Śiva is also called Āśutoṣa. Āśu means “very soon,” and toṣa means “to become satisfied.” The demigods were advised to go to Lord Śiva and beg his pardon, and because he is very easily pleased, it was certain that their purpose would be served. Lord Brahmā knew the mind of Lord Śiva very well, and he was confident that the demigods, who were offenders at his lotus feet, could mitigate their offenses by going to him and surrendering without reservation.