Srimad-Bhagavatam: Canto 4 - Chapter 1 - Verse 1


नारद उवाचसैनिका भयनाम्नो ये बर्हिष्मन् दिष्टकारिण: ।प्रज्वारकालकन्याभ्यांविचेरुरवनीमिमाम् ॥ १ ॥


nārada uvācasainikā bhaya-nāmno yebarhiṣman diṣṭa-kāriṇaḥprajvāra-kāla-kanyābhyāṁvicerur avanīm imām


The great sage Nārada continued: My dear King Prācīnabarhiṣat, afterward the King of the Yavanas, whose name is fear itself, as well as Prajvāra, Kālakanyā, and his soldiers, began to travel all over the world.


The period of life just prior to death is certainly very dangerous because usually at this time people are attacked by the weakness of old age as well as many kinds of disease. The diseases that attack the body are compared here to soldiers. These soldiers are not ordinary soldiers, for they are guided by the King of the Yavanas, who acts as their commander-in-chief. The word diṣṭa-kāriṇaḥ indicates that he is their commander. When a man is young, he does not care for old age but enjoys sex to the best of his satisfaction, not knowing that at the end of life his sexual indulgence will bring on various diseases, which so much disturb the body that one will pray for immediate death. The more one enjoys sex during youth, the more he suffers in old age.