Srimad-Bhagavatam: Canto 3 - Chapter 1 - Verse 22


अथ ते भगवल्लीला योगमायोरुबृंहिता: ।विश्वस्थित्युद्भवान्तार्था वर्णयाम्यनुपूर्वश: ॥ २२ ॥


atha te bhagaval-līlāyoga-māyorubṛṁhitāḥviśva-sthity-udbhavāntārthāvarṇayāmy anupūrvaśaḥ


I shall therefore describe to you the pastimes by which the Personality of Godhead extends His transcendental potency for the creation, maintenance and dissolution of the cosmic world as they occur one after another.


The omnipotent Lord, by His different energies, can perform anything and everything He likes. The creation of the cosmic world is done by His yoga-māyā energy.